Month: December 2018

Beyond Borders

Weapons on my shoulders, Claim lives, enemy or otherwise; High above those boulders, A war shall rise. My fate shall be decided, Among men who believe, That peace is one-sided; Victory they’d certainly achieve. Those men on the other side, Took an oath; allegiance they swore, Defend their land; do it with pride, Just like […]

Sunday Mass

The sight was breathtaking! This enchanting monument had a fantastic architecture and exquisite frescoes which wonderfully contemplated amalgamation on the earth and the abstract kingdom of God. Joseph showed courage and entered inside old oak doors of the church heeding the request of his father who was also a concerned Father of the Our Lady […]

Some Things Somehow Remain

My  balcony overlooks a lively park with  little children chasing or tugging at each other. How beautiful is the gift of a real childhood in a place that has always been home! I admire the flamboyant flame trees around  the park and try to recall the smell of a distant, forbidden land that was once […]

Let’s be together, once again

The love that was between us, Where has it gone? The bond that was a bless, Why isn’t it still on? Do you remember the days? You waited for me for hours. Do you remember the ways? You made me happy with those lovely flowers. Now, tears come and go, You don’t even stare. My […]

You can

                     The world will tear you down child, You’re not tough. Wake up and see, you’re so mild, Life is just so rough. Days pass by, tears even, As you trudge along the dreary path. But you still can’t see any reason , To avoid all […]

Surprise Visit

He looked at the wallpaper displayed on his phone. Her petite body with that tender face made her appear like a doll. Her silky brown hair falling on his chest suddenly made him feel desperate. The Eiffel tower behind them in the picture reminded him of their dream honeymoon. She had always adored classy things. […]

What You Lost

Have you ever sat down alone on your old home’s floor Gazing reminiscently into the empty walls around Wishing the past would walk in right through the door And this deafening silence would fill with love and sound Have you ever dusted away those old squeaky toys Whose funny noises once echoed through your home […]

Live your dreams

Life is short, So let your dreams be high, Don’t back out, Strive hard to touch the sky! Pull up your sleeve, Don’t let the spirit die, You have no time to grieve, There’s miles to fly!  The times may be tough, Put up a brave fight, Only at the end of a storm rough, […]

Friendship: a never dying bond

Friendship is the thread That helps to fly. I remember the days, we chatted on bed, I promise, I will never let those memories die. You are not my brother, Neither are you my sister. We are not even lover, Yet, this bond is so special and definitely not a litter. Gratitude for you being […]


My eyes well-up & I know it’s you Eager to come gushing out What is it now that I could do To bury you deep so you drown out The dirty game raged on by emotions To hammer me down so I go crack Catalysed by the treacherous hormones I struggle with myself to hold […]

Wheels of Fortune

I still remember the first day when I left my home, nestled inside an organic farm at Kodumudi, a beautiful village on the banks of Cauvery river, to pursue a dream. Appa’s dream to be precise. Appa had made a vow to make me a doctor on the day Amma died of snake bite. She […]

A Journey Called Life

Sitting by that pellucid window, with a guileless gaze at the shimmer of railroad iron, colourful impressions of an exuberant pilgrimage, started flashing in my wavering mind. When my eyes turned towards the scenes in the coach, cacophony was all set to environ, amidst the myriad of souls, the joy in that new-found wisdom was […]

The Christmas Miracle

‘Tap, tap, tap!’  Ten year old Jake saw a snow white  pigeon tapping on the window-pane. He gazed restlessly  at the snow white November landscape, then at his feet lying splayed on the bed. Useless. Wasted. That’s how he felt! The landscape appeared to echo this sentiment! Jake was the only child of Marra, a […]

Broken Reflections

An orphan, abused in shelters, devoid of any relationship, Roy grew up detesting humans and in an explicable manner, took up the role of a hired killer early in his teens. Putting a bullet through somebody’s skull, severing the artery of an unsuspecting victim and feeling the warmth of blood drenching his hands, gave him […]

The Grandpa and the Grandson

Growing up in the concrete jungles of Mumbai, Chaithanya yearned to visit his grandparents who lived in a special village called Kumbalangi, where greenery is the theme; near Kochi, in God’s own country – Kerala. It had become sort of customary for him to celebrate his birthday, every year, with Appupan (grandpa), & Ammuma (grandma) […]

Hypothetical Future

As madness progresses onwards, Earth became a place for cowards Hideousness deformed every landscape, Darkness overshadowed the seascape Where every weep in the form of rain, Delves to prosper in the sea of pain Till the feeling becomes numb and mundane, The world’s beauty – now smeared with disdain! Traveled through the catastrophe – An […]

The Woman I Am

For the moon never gave beams tonight, Like no traces of its existence, nor light And no stars twinkle, no bright, Distinctly I realized it’s starless a night Only I see a reflection of a sorrowful mistress, A reflection of a grieving soul A crestfallen smile that mirrors my own Only I see this, the […]

Penmancy: Offering Writing Solutions

Penmancy has always believed in providing a global platform to writers who seek a channel to showcase their writing. Unlike other platforms, we aimed at providing a non-judgemental arena where they could bounce ideas and learn from each other. What began as a social experiment, has now turned into a community where self-taught writers are […]

The Masked Face: A Celestial Romance

Some time ago, I was traveling in a remote part of the country. I was there on an excursion to collect certain exotic seeds that one of my clients had requested. As a gardener, I am frequently solicited to gather various types of uncommon and rare plants for my patrons. I had already collected the […]


The story continues from here: A Piece of Heart If I were you, I’d read the first part first 😀 ___________________________________ “Why did you never complete this diary entry, Nan?” Rey pulled herself from Frieda’s embrace and looked at her enquiringly. “I never got around to,” Frieda sighed as she returned to her coffee for […]