The Reluctant Debutante

The story is about identical twins who share similar looks but whose personalities are starkly different. The so-called troublemaker twin of the two impersonates her a rather saintly counterpart in a “social event”(read: beauty contest) held in France, at the goody-goody sister’s behest.


Everything, Everything

The story touches the hopes, dreams and experiences of a teenager without it being over the top or overly dramatic. And this where this one took my heart away. It is a story that would appeal to any age.


The novel has a beautifully worded idealistic speech on the enigma, that is India, by the main protagonist which is the heart of the novel.

Second Honeymoon

Here comes a book that in its title conveys it all. The Boyd family consisting of a mother, father and three children have been staying together under one roof. As Read More

Leadership Wisdom

The best thing about Robin Sharma is the way he waves the quotes, sayings and anecdotes of various leaders, scholars and writers in his conversations with his much needy friend.


It is a beautifully written book, a different style wherein two narratives are parallelly running. One is of the reunion of friends and another one is a commentary by the guiding spirit wherein she gives the background of the events, persons/ individuals.

Animal Farm

The novel is a classic and is a must read, especially for students prior to joining the college where they slowly formulate their ideas about the world and politics as such.

Eat, Pray, Love

Such a journey is not only required when you are depressed but also when you are happy, successful and motivated. It is the journey to find balance, to really discover yourself and to be and do what you always wanted to do.

Why I am a Hindu

It was a golden chance for Tharoor to create a modern day classic on Hinduism and he used it to criticize his political opponents.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

The story of a lineage or clan condemned to one hundred years of solitude where uncountable characters come, play a part and go. It is really amazing how the author has woven such an intricate complex storyline.