Leaves Of Autumn And Other Poems

The one thing that struck me about these verses is that they are the unvarnished truth. The poet has not glossed over any of the verses to make them appear more endearing. Instead she has let them stand stark against the others to leave a lasting imprint on the readers.

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When You Can Why Not

This book can be read in one sitting or seventeen different ones. However, you chose to do it, one thing is for sure, the stories and the laws will stay with you. And if this awareness can help someone out there, I am sure I can safely say that the book has served its purpose. Entertainment plus learning is a great combination. 

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Immortal for a Moment: Small Answers To Big Questions About Life, Love And Letting Go

Go grab it, for it’s the perfect oiling and overhaul for rusted machinery called moron mind. It’s a way to enjoy being IMMORTAL within a MORTAL life! Leaving you with an excerpt on parenting, I loved most:

‘One of the biggest lies of parenting is that parents are always right. The second lie is that it is the children’s responsibility to make their parents happy when they grow up.’

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