At the Crossroads of Love and Duty

“See Biji, the baby kicked yet again,” Veera placed her hand lovingly over her 8th month belly. “Oye hoye! bada shaitan hai!” (The baby is quite naughty), her mother-in-law laughed softly. “What happened? Are you missing him?” she asked worriedly as Veera’s eyes clouded for a second. “Arre nahi nahi, bas aise hi,” (Oh no

Vakratunda Mahakaya

At one of the busiest crossroads in Mumbai stands a monument.  It is a sanctuary for aggrieved, despairing souls and a haven for troubled minds and conflicted hearts. When people find themselves at crossroads in their life, it is to this crossroad that they flock, in search of solace and hope. *** ‘We need to


“Did you taste this dal before serving?” asked a visibly galled Sidhant.  A trembling Supriya felt choked as she took the sip, “Sorry Sidhant. Please wait, I will add some salt. I just forgot.”  “Back off. I just despise your irresponsible and careless attitude.” He threw the plate before stomping out. An inconsolable Supriya picked

Bull’s Eye

The newly elected president’s motorcade was expected any moment.  Pavements on either side of the deserted road were barricaded. Security personnel stood alert, their eyes scanning the crowd for suspicious movements. The citizens waved red roses in the air and chanted their hero’s name.   Unmindful of the racket, the road continued its straight journey, but

A Mother at the Crossroads

Hysterical laughter bubbled up within her. Mita felt the contractions again, more pronounced this time. At twenty-seven weeks of pregnancy her feet had started to swell and her blood sugar had shot up. Mita’s obstetrician had advised complete bed rest. But it was too early for contractions. Mita called her husband. Dr Verma was waiting

Hitting Crossroads

A happy child as I was, like most, I also had few unhappy moments. Growing up in a cold, snowy place has advantages as well as disadvantages. Growing up as a child and growing up as aging parents has its own beauty and challenges too. We often hit the crossroads while nurturing each other.  Like

A New Hope

“I am sorry, Anbazhagan. It is a management decision. But I fought to ensure that you got a good compensation. You are not the only one.” Sitting in front of his manager and HR head, Anbazhagan was hardly the figure he was ten minutes ago. This was his reward for twenty years of hard work


 “This happy me… I owe it all to you. So, once again, thank you.” Zerlina exhaled a long breath. Aaina smiled back. “I’m just a medium, and I’m happy ’cause you are happy.” “I’m glad destiny ensured our meet. If only I hadn’t lost my temper that day…” A knock at the door interrupted Zerlina.


With a bag of rice in one hand and a cloth bag on his shoulder, Bishnu was walking through the streets. It was afternoon and he was headed home as no work had come his way. A stone came swinging at his arm and his bag fell to the ground. Thankfully, not the bag of

You Are Not Alone

Is she not here today? I wondered, as my eyes searched for her.  Coco and I were regulars at the park and I had seen her sitting alone in the corner since couple of days. There was something disturbingly familiar about her eyes. Coco’s woofs showed his impatience, his urgency was palpable. So, I took

Is Loyalty Dead

‘Is loyalty dead?’  How else could one explain Promila’s peculiar behaviour?  ‘You know, I have been her best friend for the longest time. And now she doesn’t even pay attention to me. It’s so hurtful. How would you feel, if someone who couldn’t be without you, suddenly starts ignoring you? And to add insult to

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