In Search of God

I roamed around the world in search of God, Seeking blessings to salve my troubled soul. I chanted hymns, and bowed to the Divine, I said my prayers, led a life austere. I went without food, and walked miles barefoot- Penance for my sins, but they hardly helped. Athirst for some solace, that seemed so

The Season of Divinity

Cardamom dreams, of cinnamon scents fresh Fond sunshine hours blooming on windy days, Lotus from blue stream of consciousness pure… It’s the season of homecoming for ALL Childhood abodes replete with Mothers’ smiles Daughters giggle, swings sway, bangles shimmer Tinkling bells of silver anklets on feet, Hennaed pitter-patter on backyard floors A Ma visits her

A Mystical Rendezvous

The night descends like an orphic whisper. The silvery moonlight kisses your lips. The fragrant breeze teases your untamed curls; Your eyes mirror the passion in your heart. My gaze caresses your face ardently. Your cheeks are a riot of scarlet hues. You willingly melt in my warm embrace; And the serene waves witness our

Onset of a New Life

As the dimness in clarity fence in, Abysmal profound groan of peace loom, Soul’s toss brings to an unexpected screech, Bowed down to God with tide and waves of tears. Soul’s way ground in real golden light home, Healing the aches of past life widen; Golden version uttered giving courage, Directions showered to shield the

Durga versus Durga

The goddess Durga arrives in splendour To sound of conch shells and the rhythm of dhak They bow down before “Ma” in devotion Her benevolence and blessings they seek Little Durga wears a tattered sari Blossoming breasts in vain she tries to hide Catcalls greet her as she sifts the garbage They drool at the

Rat Race

The crowd melds in a merry melee  Reckless, relentless, Ranting ‘n raving,  Streams of doleful dreams, rivers of spent screams  Seeps from the seams of their pockets, unseen.  A gloss of glamour, greed glazes their eyes  A clamor of clinking coins curbs the cries  Mediocrity gets venerated  Falsity, flattery fuel you far  A pointless pursuit,

Through the Grave

I was sleeping well before you came and woke me In dead silence, your voice echoes in my head You deserved better scenery, not to see this To visit this sorrow place, where I lie in my grave bed Your touch is still so smooth like a feather I can still feel it though this

The Bucolic Bliss

Along the pasture in the summer June Where did the labouring shepherd boy lay? On the craggy mountain he sits gazing Where the little white fleecy lamb does graze With the babbling rill, the hawthorn bowers  He dozed in vale under the breezy sway The traunt sheep shilly-shally to return Seeing the herdsman lie, scatter

O! Let there be peace

Across all the continents and oceans  Let’s change notions and herald new tidings Let the peace doves fly with the winds of change  To assuage feelings of hatred and fear.   No more deafening sounds of explosions  No more scattered  bodies splattered with blood  Each other’s shelters let us stop crumbling Our Earth’s for all

Fruits of Labour

If a labourer crushed a stone one day Looking for instant gratification The buildings that stand tall will laugh aloud They weren’t built in a jiffy by his kin The moor that bears the green gold’s glow was tilled Over seasons of toil, turmoil endless Sweat and warm blood ran through its cold bowels The

Earth’s Plea to Rain

I wait with impatience braving the heat, Our rendezvous delayed I’m left to grieve, My fervent soul makes an impassioned plea, I pine longingly for your dormant love, Nestled in clouds you are in total bliss, At last you come with a tender surprise, I surrender to thee unflinchingly,  Your random drizzle hits my parched

My Curiosity for Colours

Gazing at bundle of hues wondering That what do they represent or taste like Oh, is it snowy White, pure and so bright Sweet as vanilla, or like chain of pearls Or pungency of tangy mint Orange See that warmth and flames oozing out along Could be the voltaic Indigo sky  Unveiling Black velvety dusky

Save Humanity

I am a simple man, with simple needs Gratitude, kindness, love, my deeds Spread message of peace, I am born for Not foes, envy, greed or avarice. When did I become this vile bitter man? Was, when my basic rights were violated? Evil for good, punishment for reward Can I just be, live with integrity?

Spring fed Daffodils

Pleasurable cup of nectar delight I see swaths of them ripening in throngs  Wordsworth eternal blooms that danced brightly  They’re here, swaying in unison in March  Shunning the eloquent winter’s bluster  opening its trumpet head to absorb  Straightening their tendrils, the cusp of bloom Yellow fluorescence echoing summers. The golden crowns, winking frivolously Yellow creamy


October enters with its rich platter There’re auburn hues of the falling dry leaves Festivities beckon the forlorn souls It’s time for rejuvenation and hope Yesteryear’s grime will now be erased Once again the evil will be conquered Once again the retrieval will steal hearts. Let us imbibe jaunty enthusiasm Let’s sing, dance and paint


Why should I blame you for my suffering, You had just charmed me with disarming smile, No promises were made yet I believed, You will be mine for ever and ever. You left me but didn’t even know that, I kept my secret in the heart of mine, These are the wounds I inflicted myself,

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