Category: Poetry

Born Again

You came on a winter night When I felt your breath My heart warmed My baby. You look at me Wide eyes Curl your fingers Around my thumb Your cries for two hours For milk Irritate me sometimes I remind myself I can’t expect You to feed yourself now, can I? Time is waterfalling Already […]

An Ode to Winter

Autumn left and allowed winter to set The days get shorter, the nights lengthen Long nights give the warmth of the cosy quilt. Dawn lightens up with birds chirping Oh! The refreshing morning As if calling everyone to go outside. I open the door to go to the garden Dew sparkles on grass and leaves […]

A New Beginning

T’was the coldest winter, our hands entwined You gave me that smile I had not seen in a while I knew then there was something in your mind. You said, “This is the last night that we would be together –So let’s cherish it, a night to remember.” My heart ached, my mouth dry I […]

A Winter’s Tale

Oh, the start of winter, Enough to fill the mind, With hope and delight, Of a new day. Each breath of morning dew, The cool breeze around, Brings a feeling of glee, And makes everything anew. The night is filled with wonder, Snowflakes everywhere, Or a burst of cold wind, That brings out the sweaters! […]


The circle of life moves on. After a day there is a night. I want to sleep forever in the cover of darkness. It’s winter, so sleep too is deep. The cool air takes my breath away The heart is at peace as is the body. The moment is as if to be drowned in […]

Pretty Face

With each passing day and the chase The world is just a crazy race Oh, look!  the storms just past Come smile and give me that laugh Like the mountains here I stand strong The winds cannot chase this grace Hear me aloud oh pouring rain The sun is shining just a mile away The […]

A Philosopher’s Thoughts

A night heron stands in meditation By the blue shore of a wintry lake, A butterfly flutters in a trance Upon the flowery eyes of spring, Golden vipers dance in remote forests In the silent sunburst of still afternoons, Hares go romping in summer glades Like waltzing wind blown leaves, Swifts speed through the fragrant […]

A Love So Divine

Let the cold winter that ceases, Hear me aloud from the time that freezes Laughter and shivers that grows within, Let no time be the barrier to this silver lining My heart aches to be with you, To hold you, spoil you, and surrender too There is no boundary that keeps us apart, This separation […]

I am a thread…I am a thread of passion

I am a thread, that is never broken. (means strong) I am a thread, that unites others. (means collaboration) I am a thread, that you tie at the right hand. (means auspicious) I am a thread, I am an entrepreneur  (means passion) Be a thread. Be an entrepreneur. ___________________________________________________ […]

The Shining Star

A bud, a rose, a beautiful flower, Here comes the beauty of a shining star Oh hey! come let me show you the path To the heaven afar where no man’s at par This life, this regime has so much to give Let’s open our arms to receive this gift For how I know this […]

Coffee Mornings

As the sun shines through my window in the midst of the morning glow, my cravings look for a binge in the side of the coffee drawer.  Now how I see myself making a cup for me, I hear a knock from there saying open the door, hurry!  I ran up to the door and […]

she who makes my heart flutter

she who makes my heart flutter like flames & butterfly wings in her smile has my soul found the eternal sunshine of life the warm touch of the sky, and the blue tenderness of distance melting liquid gaze of her eyes like waterfalls in secluded forests white songs of passionate silence before the delight of […]

The Wanderer

I went wandering all alone Like a river through a vale I lay somewhere like a stone A leaf grown yellow and pale Days passed away like pouring rain Years hurried on like blowing wind I saw the sun set and rise again But found not the end, not the end. Flowers blossomed and fell, […]