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Forgotten, Not Lost

“Do you remember?” Reese asked lazily, not looking up from his latest iPhone X. “What now?” unconcerned, Rayna threw an unwilling question at him, her eyes glued to her Kindle book she did not wish to part with. “The night I lost my phone…” As he said this, Reese sprung from his side of the […]

The Photo that Conquered the World

“The entire world was swept away by their charm and fell in love with their quirky smiles. Who are they? Our field correspondent, Jane Murph, has more details of this…bizarre yet fascinating phenomenon. Jane?” Facing the camera before me, I began addressing the TV viewers. “Thank you, Molly. Well, I surely have everything in store […]

Destiny’s Plan

The night sky was lustrous. Mild showers played all the right tunes. Moonlight and pool side accentuated the mood. His fingers entwined in mine. His sinewy hand grabbed my waist.   Just then my funny bone tickled and I took out my phone. “Selfie time!” I rolled my naughty eyes in response to his tensed […]

The Final Journey

“Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?” – Edgar Allan Poe It all started the night I lost my phone. I came home tired and went straight to bed. Then came this dream. I am on a trek alone in the remote Himalayas. As the evening descends on the […]

Train Friends

She hopped on to the local just in the nick of time. Office hours were going crazy with the new projects rolling in. Antara loved her job but the odd hours scared her. Her colleagues’ reassurances about Mumbai being safe and all did little to assuage her fears. Somehow the small-town girl’s fears were not easy […]

A Day to Remember

I was  more adventurous than my normal self that afternoon. I took my dream of  surreptitiously attending Prof. Sen’s ‘Industrial Revolution’ class to fruition, checked off ‘writing a love letter to my imaginary lover in the class room’ from my  ‘things to do before I die’ list, loitered around in the garden of the huge […]


Zaara walked into her apartment at 5 am, tired from the night at the strip club. She was surprised to see that Sheena, her roommate, was up and had breakfast prepared. Sheena, a beautiful Black woman, had moved in a few weeks ago. Zaara suspected that Sheena knew about her profession. Sheena pushed a plate […]

An Extended Life

4th July 2018 Plopping hurriedly myself on the driving seat, I thought of making a call to Sudha. As soon as I put my hand in the pocket, I realised my classy iPhone X was missing. I had left it at the Coffee shop. The Mumbai traffic and rain can play havoc with your plans. […]

Your Gift

It was my birthday. I squealed with joy as I caught a glimpse of it while opening the gift. Your gift. It was the latest I phone model, just released in USA, still not available in India. I would never let the phone out of my sight, ever. It was my only connection with you. […]


It was pretty cold…I woke up searching for my favourite blanket…I realised my better half had devoured it…I reached in the dark for that familiar metal-glass- plastic item that makes our lives…meaningful…. my cell phone. A cold shiver runs down my spine. I suddenly remember I had left it down at the market for one minute to […]


It was so dark that it felt like someone had thrown an old blanket over the earth, and the stars were like the little holes that had been eaten away by the rodents. “What has happened to the street lights?’’ I wondered. Checked my watch. It was 10:30 pm and it was a Monday. In […]

The Night I Lost My Phone

Buzzz..Buzz.. I feel vibrations next to my hand. I wake up with a racing heart, squint my eyes to check the caller ID. ‘Me’ it reads. “Has he found me?” The phone drops from my trembling hands. “Jai Ma Durga” the sonologist sighed. My husband couldn’t hide that look of contempt directed towards me and […]

After the Selfies

It was the 26th of October and a very busy day for me. I was co-organizing a seminar on Dementia for my club. We had invited two eminent practising psychiatrists as speakers to this seminar which would be attended by around 50 people. I arrived earlier, with the other organizers, to review arrangements at the venue. Sheila, […]

Dial S for …

ACP Selvaraghavan hated his job as a Cyber Crime investigator and more so today when the case involved his close friend. More than the sleaze involved in these cases, he was perturbed by the depravity and audacity with which such crimes were committed. Seated across him was his friend of 10 years and complainant Sanjay […]


I was sitting at the Kallor metro station. Although, I’d transited through this line many times before, today, the first time a sense of fulfilment and pride embraced me. There was a rumour spreading across the town that the Urban Development Ministry was going to award Kochi metro as the best metro project in India. […]