Radhika’s Resurgence

Ting! Raaga’s phone, that was resting face down on her table while she worked late into the night, pinged. A message from Varen made her switch onto FaceTime with him. “Were you still up?” Varen smiled through the screen that made Raaga beam. “Just… working.”  “I thought I’ll call… hope you’re okay.” “It’s been quite

Life is Beautiful

Tall deodar trees were standing like sentinels silhouetted against a rapidly unfurling dawn. The quaint hamlet of Yol at the foothills of Dhauladhar mountains was slowly waking up to the morning voices of gushing brooks and chirping birds. It was just another beautiful sunrise with October sunlight scintillating on the freshly scrubbed front yard of

Hues of Acceptance

Pritha “Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah.” Pritha chanted the scripture from memory. Brought up in a missionary boarding school, she had been introduced to the ritualistic puja of a middle class Bengali Hindu household only after her marriage. The first morning in her in-law’s house, Pritha had been expected to assist her mother-in-law during the morning

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