The Second Coming

On the morning of the 14th day of the second month in the 19th year of our Lord, nearly two thousand years after the Crucifixion, a man who called himself Jesus Christ, passed away at the Mount Olympus Asylum and Institute of Psychopathology in the town of Syr. He was admitted there suffering from severe

A Letter to Fatema Bano

Calcutta, 1947 It was a humid summer afternoon in Calcutta. From her balcony, Fatema could view numerous flags fluttering in the wind, from the terraces of the nearby buildings. What a sight to behold it was! The Indian national flag flew freely, proudly for the first time in some two hundred years. Albeit, this freedom

A Snatch

“Your daughter speaks 4 languages. How do we know? Surprise! She’s with us.” This was the first message that was slipped from under the door this morning when Tim and I were having breakfast. We suddenly got frenzied and made a million calls to find the whereabouts of our only daughter, Aleysa. How could that

The Reunion

Pragya was busy explaining her requirements to the carpenter. She had just shifted to a new house in the far suburbs of Mumbai. After a bitter divorce, she wanted to start over. And no better place than living closer to nature. Her work commute would be longer but she did not mind that. “Madam, this

The Hidden Code

SixPens-07 ____________________________ “If his wife had believed him he wouldn’t have gotten into trouble. Only if he had paid heed to her warning. When she said, ‘Don’t go today, am sensing danger.’ But to Kris, t’was false alarm. He knew he had to head out. He had to be there today. The client couldn’t wait

Sunday Mass

The sight was breathtaking! This enchanting monument had a fantastic architecture and exquisite frescoes which wonderfully contemplated amalgamation on the earth and the abstract kingdom of God. Joseph showed courage and entered inside old oak doors of the church heeding the request of his father who was also a concerned Father of the Our Lady

The Curious Case of the Fake Money

Mandig village is small and may look peaceful with its verdant hills and forest around it but crime had set foot on this exact village two days ago painting its reputation red. Crimes know no sizes, after all. They happen anywhere, to anyone, anytime. Standing in front of a medium-sized grocery store I order a

An Incomplete Walk

The car screeched in front of the house and Miraya got out of it. She ran towards the house and stood at the door before ringing the bell. She looked back to see if Abhay was coming. When he reached, she knocked on the door hastily. As soon as the door opened, they rushed into

Righting the Wrong

An oncosurgeon for twenty-eight years, Dr. Nitesh Joshi has retired leaving behind his hours and  days of cutting through people’s bodies so as to lend them a few more months, a couple of years perhaps, to allow them to do the same things that gave them their cancers. Unlike his brother who was extremely interested

The Cabin

In Jogh, a small orthodox village in the abode of Gods, there lived a young couple who, after two years of marriage, had not been blessed with a child. In such a village, families, friends, relatives, and neighbours -the entire village, so to speak, would start policing your life once they hadn’t seen a little

The Night of Vengeance

The evening was beautiful. The brilliant sun perfectly framed between ponderosa pine trees was at its usual magnificence as it beamed the last rays of the day. It slowly disappeared beyond the distant blue mountains, making way for the night. Victor was in the portico admiring the view before him. He was startled when a

The Great Humbling

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Book of Proverbs, 16:18). Dr. N. Crutak, the Chief of Quality Control at the airport, was a very famous man. He had written his Ph.D. dissertation in a span of six months, entitled A Systematic Analysis of Benefits: A Philosophical Discourse on the Multiple

The Fellowship of the Stone

I’d been watching him for ten minutes, and the hooded man had not moved an inch. His face was focused on the view before him; his hands tucked inside the pockets of his grey sweater. I had never seen him glance anywhere else. It was as if he was scared that he would miss something

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