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Who is Markus Marshall?

SixPens Tale-06 My real name is Markus Marshall. You heard it right. I am. But that’s not what they knew. My parents had named me Ryan. As I grew I became aware of my popularity in my school. I was known as a joker. A joker whose jokes were as deadly as the man I […]

The Greatest Lesson

SixPens Tale-05 “They weren’t supposed to know about the circumstances of their birth, that no matter what happens, not one of them should know the secret. But, there are threats out there waiting to pry it open and I’m afraid the time has come when the truth shall be out when our lives will be […]

Emily, The Witch

SixPens Tale- 4 Everyone said that Emily was a witch who does black magic and I never seemed to believe anyone. But, I still had my doubts. So I decided to befriend her. At first, she seemed to be quite bizarre with her strange acts, (suspecting the motive of my friendship). As I got to […]

I’m So Happy To See You

SixPens Tale- 3 “I’m so happy to see you!” “Where were you all these days?” continued Ben after Tom didn’t answer. “I searched all over for you.” Tom looked away recalling those events. The day it all had happened. Then, Tom quickly hugged his friend. Ben could not stop his tears -the tears of joy […]

It Had Been Ten Years Since

SixPens Tale- 2 It had been ten years since those haunting aliens were last encountered and their nefarious plans of invasion had created a state of malaise. I vividly recollect that balmy day and the spotless skies without end. Suddenly, the weather became ominously eerie as innumerable warships made their appearance like dark masses of […]

The Last Time I Saw Him

SixPens Tale- 1 Version 1 The last time I saw him, he was brooding over his coffin. The droop of the shoulders was like the weight of the world hanging from them. The next morning, he was found dead. What premonition! Who could it be, I wondered. I never imagined such things could happen in […]