Welcome to Aruna Menon’s space, where she discusses everything about ‘writing’.

Calling herself an eternal romantic, Aruna weaves her words straight from the heart.  Her poetry and her stories have one element in common- warmth. And if that is the kind of honesty that you are seeking in your work, then follow her words here at #QuillsIt.

Sit back as Aruna takes you on this journey every Wednesday. Right here, on her space.


About Aruna Menon:

Aruna Menon is a Gynaecologist working in the Central Government. Relationships and words fascinate her. She writes both prose and verse. She loves weaving stories and has a blog called Ripples and Reflections on WordPress. She loves her job and often writes on work-life balance. She’s always a romantic at heart.

Check her fictional stories and poems here


Check how she #QuillsIt here:

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Carving Out Time

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