Author Fellowship Program

Write your way to glory with Unlu Author Fellowship Program

If you know that you have a writer in you and you aspire to bring them out for all to witness then this program is the right fit for you. With peer-to-peer learning, building community relationships and knowledge sharing, you can be sure that you get all the support that you need to become a published author in THREE MONTHS!

Learn From the Best

They say that if you can find a mentor to help you chisel your craft then be prepared to deliver a masterpiece. The Author Fellowship Program is backed by stalwarts of the writing world who will guide you throughout your journey. You will get-

  • 1:1 mentorship
  • Regular check-ins
  • Group Discussions

What’s more?

With the Author Fellowship Program, you get whatever you need to become a successful author. At the end of the program you would have a book ready for publishing!

  1. Learn effective research techniques required to write.
  2. Learn drafting and formatting of your book.
  3. Discover your writing style and your preferred genre.
  4. Learn self-publishing and self-promotion of your book.
  5. Learn to use tools and software to write faster.
  6. Be a part of Unlu’s exclusive community of like-minded people and build the right network.
  7. Learn from the experts like Anita Nair, Satya Vyas, Sudeep Nagarkar, etc
  8. Get a chance to convert your story into audio/visual concepts

Initial Phase

  • Introduction to fiction
  • All about writing (Part 1: Plot building, POV, etc.)

Educational Track

  • All about writing (Part 2: Dialogues, character descriptions, etc.)
  • Importance of collaboration
  • Understanding writing barriers & overcoming them

Intermediate Phase

  • Manuscripts
  • Business of publishing

Final Phase

  • Marketing
  • Monetizing & optimizing your revenue


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Offer closes September 30, 2022

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