I Need Your Help

I’m standing at crossroads. I’m confused about whether I should personally go and wake her up or wait for her to arise on her own? Can you please help me out? Let me explain my discomfiture! **** I still remember that day when her relative has had introduced me to her. I haven’t met such


October enters with its rich platter There’re auburn hues of the falling dry leaves Festivities beckon the forlorn souls It’s time for rejuvenation and hope Yesteryear’s grime will now be erased Once again the evil will be conquered Once again the retrieval will steal hearts. Let us imbibe jaunty enthusiasm Let’s sing, dance and paint

Life’s Fine

Life’s fine When there is rain Thunder and lightning scare Lengthy power cut follows soon  It’s good. Life’s fine Sun and moon play When it’s a windy day Extreme dry spell or soothing night Just chill! Life’s fine I’m home alone Even when I am not Sometimes there are many people Relax! Life’s fine When

Revenge Taken

“Give me a good reason as to why should I have left them at the mercy of the blind justice of our country?” sharply retorted Connie. It was 15th of August. The place was the city jail. Connie was to be hanged for killing the chief minister, the home minister and the education minister. It

A Blessing in Disguise

Dear contagion, you are a boon! No matter what the people say For you have come at the right time To cleanse and detox the human kind. You may be a biologically spread disease But our escalating desires needed a prune. We got so engrossed in superficial stardom That the recurrent Nature’s signals we didn’t

Kali’s Comeback

“The daily reports of rapes, harassments, molestations have become unendurable. Is it time for a new avatar to arrive and save us?” “No chance! Even our Gods have closed their ears and eyes.” I simply listened to the discussion. Aghast! I was just thinking, “Can’t we do something to bring a change? Why do we

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