The Executioner

He was the executioner. The robber of life. The giver of death. *** The king had announced yet another death punishment. The criminal was a young man in his mid- twenties. Handcuffed and blindfolded, he was shepherded to the execution platform. Hoots and cries of the crowd rose in the sky- Kill him, Kill him.

What is Life?

The Dream Sprang as a brook And I gaily sailed It gurgled, burbled, and sloshed In day Bad dream It barged in In loathe I flew It fluttered, swirled, wobbled  In night The Birth Brings a life And we dance with joy To celebrate its advent Always The Death Ends a journey And we mourn

A New Friend 

Devils of death descended upon Europe announcing devastation, destruction, and disaster.  Stefan worked as a librarian in the State Library in Munich. But now the Library remained shut. Books burned; intellectuals and writers hounded and chased out of Germany. He could rescue very few books and hid the treasure from the prying eyes of the

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