Author: Charu

Pretty Face

With each passing day and the chase The world is just a crazy race Oh, look!  the storms just past Come smile and give me that laugh Like the mountains here I stand strong The winds cannot chase this grace Hear me aloud oh pouring rain The sun is shining just a mile away The […]

A Love So Divine

Let the cold winter that ceases, Hear me aloud from the time that freezes Laughter and shivers that grows within, Let no time be the barrier to this silver lining My heart aches to be with you, To hold you, spoil you, and surrender too There is no boundary that keeps us apart, This separation […]

The Shining Star

A bud, a rose, a beautiful flower, Here comes the beauty of a shining star Oh hey! come let me show you the path To the heaven afar where no man’s at par This life, this regime has so much to give Let’s open our arms to receive this gift For how I know this […]

Coffee Mornings

As the sun shines through my window in the midst of the morning glow, my cravings look for a binge in the side of the coffee drawer.  Now how I see myself making a cup for me, I hear a knock from there saying open the door, hurry!  I ran up to the door and […]