The Gleipnir

Hope is the rope we all cling to; either out of need or out of expectation. It is like the Gleipnir- smooth and soft like

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Just Another Horrible Year

I liked the way the story was concluded, with an excellent message about friendship, bonds and the importance of a teacher’s role in a students’ life. The story exceeded my expectations as it is truly a good read. Not to miss the cover photo that was kinda cute and matched with the content of the book. If you are yet to read this book, go get it now.

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Fine editing, lucid language, unique plots, the array of stories, the different take on Shattered, simply amazed me. Each writer is an expert in their craft, and team Penmancy compiled and presented the book to enthrall various kinds of readers. I bet the booklovers will enjoy the stories thoroughly. 

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