O! Let there be peace

Across all the continents and oceans  Let’s change notions and herald new tidings Let the peace doves fly with the winds of change  To assuage feelings of hatred and fear.   No more deafening sounds of explosions  No more scattered  bodies splattered with blood  Each other’s shelters let us stop crumbling Our Earth’s for all

My Love

My Love                                      Is someone to         Whom my being I owe         Her blood in my veins runs and flows             I know   I know             Your essence is                 Unconditional love     Deep and fathomless as the seas Doubtless  Doubtless      A nurturer      A bright rainbow in which       All hopes and promises I see               Always Always                    You have showered        Forgiveness, compassion     

Shared Happiness

“Woof!”  The sound was so faint I would have missed it, if I hadn’t felt something brushing my feet. Looking down I saw a feeble pup standing shakily near the bench where I was seated. Wondering where it had wandered from, I scanned the park, hoping to find the litter from where I presumed it

My Best Teacher

Life is a continuous learning and reading process It does impart and teach lessons without a recess All lessons are without lectures, books and classrooms nonetheless We remember them for a lifetime ; failed or passed nevertheless My best teacher undoubtedly was who taught me English She was determined each of her students became a


Nothing but an optical illusion is a mirage The heart and mind play tricks on our senses We chase it and find it’s a mere delusion  A fleeting transient picture is our life at every stage The lure of fortune and wealth attracts many Mansions and luxurious lifestyles do make a rich montage These treasures

Memories Don’t Erase

At the tender age of six, more than my school books, I loved crayons, sketch pens, and erasers. My favourite were scented erasers in different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately I used to always have the boring Camlin white erasers; because mom felt they erased better, without tearing pages.  One day to my utter delight, I


Geometry taught me  About curves Be it small, big, narrow or wide Fills me with joyous glee Soothes my nerves Seeing one flash from side to side Enticing curve; a smile Magical Spreading happiness all around Every curve has own style Classical Perfect smile on mask of a clown Add smile to your attire Without

Oh! My Worries

My endless worry,  Prices soaring high High bills make me sigh! My stress and tension Where do I bury? Farmers are in grief Rain spell has been brief With trees vanishing The situation  Is sorry and grim Pollution is high Cars stuck in traffic Garbage everywhere Roads are pathetic Outcome looks scary Education dear Unemployment

HOPE… ‘a tiny flicker’

Hope is in the last flicker Of the dying candle  As it starts burning again With more life and brightness  Hopeful is the sunbeam As through tiny crack in the door it passes  Its light will dispel darkness As soon as it touches the floor  Hopeful is the ocean Its waves will rise after every

 Spoken Unspoken Words

To converse is truly an art by itself Words and tone of speaker; overwhelms or repels Some speakers try to drown the other’s voice and views Whilst others try to butt in when they get the cues It’s fun when friends meet to ‘catch up’ as they say Meeting over coffee is the ideal way


Devious is the art of flattery  Flattery is of praising and pleasing Flatterer has over words mastery Like a chef, adds a lot of seasoning Fools get fooled beyond any reasoning They fall head over heels to strategy Flatterer’s tongue is butter secreting Most words used are sweeter than jaggery A crow is called a

My Star …Forever Shining

Every night I search you in a starThousand times I wonder why you went so farI sleep with my little window slightly ajarLest, you feel like coming down on a moonbeam bar I go by the riverside and sit quietlyRemembering those fishing trips every weeklyMiss you in the garden among the butterflies and flowersThe fun


me only me in my company are the moments I truly treasure the experience purely amazing incomparable and priceless Oblivion to the incessant din the silence is necessary to hear the voices from within yourself attempting to rediscover myself Introspection gives me answers to the questions I seek inspiration gives ideas and my thoughts I

Colours Do Speak

Lying on my sofa One lazy afternoon Seeing children painting The moon and shiny stars Drifted away in a  Vibrant colourful dream Dreamt colourful crayons Were sitting together To discuss amongst them Who has ‘flying colours’ One by one they canvas And paint their own picture The blue proudly proclaimed He stands for sea and

The Broken Necklace

A cool, pleasant morning greeted Mother Nature as she stepped out in the garden. Soft zephyr lightly brushed her cheeks. Sunflowers and daisies swayed on beats of bees buzzing and humming. Leaves gently shook themselves out from their slumber. Mother Nature was jubilant. Nothing could be more peaceful and serene. She looked up at the

The Nest

As the sun bids adieuAnd dips to meet the horizonThe canvas of the skyTurns into a painter’s delightTwittering chirping birdsReturn eagerly homeTo their nest……..Where their heart liesSadly there are many unfortunateUnable to return to their nestOld age home is nowTheir home…..away from homePlight of many senior citizensIn today’s uncaring timesTheir sunsets not so colourfulAs the

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