“Why did we watch this movie? It is your kind of movie,” Meera rolled her eyes. “Stop wheeling your eyes to the ceiling,” Radha patted Meera’s back, “It wasn’t that bad. Dev Anand was a charmer. How well he picked up the transitions in life!” “Amma, no doubt, he is a great actor. My point


Silence Once in the womb Coddled by the mother Precious light cocooned in the dark Springtime  Silenced Crawl to a fall Hastened by the father Innocent steps ready to run Summer Silenced Reading it wrong Right to left upside down Special is what they call me now Monsoon Silenced Slap on the face A match

Dear Anne

“Anne is my best friend. I share all my thoughts with her.” As Rhea continued her extempore on the topic-My Best Friend, Sheela stared aghast. Rhea had never mentioned about Anne to Sheela. Horrifying thoughts engulfed Sheela’s heart. Would history repeat itself? Manoj shook her shoulders from her reverie.  “Manoj, Rhea is showing the same

The Untold Truth

“Are you sure you want to do this? It isn’t mandatory or obligatory. Your anatomy is not a playground for experiments. This being the fourth attempt could lead to unnecessary complications,” quipped Captain Joyce.  “Mom, I understand your concern. But, this would be my last chance as per protocol. I am optimistic that I will

 To Each His Own

 “You are being completely imbecile. How did you manage to divert your mind with such distractions?” Lakshmi was furious with her granddaughter, Maya.  Maya was an 18-year-old, high achieving teenager. “Straight A’s throughout,” Lakshmi bragged about Maya to literally every person she met. They were best of friends and had a single ambition in life:

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