A Tryst with Death

Death. Certain. Sudden. Cruel. The enigmatic black hole that we all know about, but can’t peek into. And yet, there’s a certain beauty to death. They say, in your last moments, your life flashes before your eyes. Your mother caressing your feverish forehead on a rough night, your father’s proud smile on your graduation day…

The Homecoming That Isn’t

Nature, The shy new bride, Fresh from monsoon’s embrace, Decks herself in a festive hue, And waits! That scent, That night-blooms ooze, Wafts across the oceans, And finds me in this foreign land. A tease! Fiery, The leaves of fall, Murmur jargon, arcane, But the message I catch is clear- “Come Home!” They say, It’s

My New Friend

I’ve started writing diaries. The good doctor told me to. She said it’s the only way to keep track of things. Yet I can’t remember what I did last night! Mama, Papa are very worried. I feel sad. I just want everyone to be happy. Is something wrong with me?  —— Dr. Maya loved challenges.


The bangs and crashes woke her from her sleep. Something was going on outside. She peeped from her hidey-hole. Her hair, dark auburn even without any dye, fell open from her bun, cascading down to her knees, her innocent emerald eyes widened in all the curious excitement. Her dark brown skin glistened as the sun


Nishi let the cool breeze of the Kumaons caress her hair. It was her first mountain trip: Papa’s gift for her twelfth birthday. She was excited, because they were going to Patal Bhuvaneshwar today. Di’bhai had told her all about it – “It’s a huge dark underground cave, where the stones’ natural curvature depict Brahma,

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