Author: Satish Kumar Prabha

A Journey Called Life

Sitting by that pellucid window, with a guileless gaze at the shimmer of railroad iron, colourful impressions of an exuberant pilgrimage, started flashing in my wavering mind. When my eyes turned towards the scenes in the coach, cacophony was all set to environ, amidst the myriad of souls, the joy in that new-found wisdom was […]

Recollections of a Lumberjack

The glint of twilight interlacing through those snow-laden thickets of deciduous pine, Seemed to dispense a note of time to his shivering arms and a wavering mind After he finished wiping an exuding countenance and reposed for a wheezy breath, the old lumberjack from North, spared a thought for his life – that was far […]