Lover’s Gaze

Gazing at her with twinkle in his eye, A smile that slipped between his round soft lips His heart filled with love, bliss and joy

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Rukmini – Krishna’s Wife

This book is a must read for all the women who seek inspiration, for she is confident, charismatic, empowered, extraordinary, indomitable, fascinating, independent, patient, intelligent without giving up culture, tradition and values of righteousness. The book is a blend of the history with a contemporary narrative that portrays the ancient Indian women not as a meek lamb but as fierce tigress. All Sai Swaroopa Iyer’s books make us proud to be an Indian woman with a beautiful cultural backing behind us and help us take up multiple roles in the family and society without feeling guilty. 

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Sita’s Sister

The book fills the reader with the sense of healing and knowledge that someone millennia’s back suffered fate similar to us. The ordinary retelling of the epic without the heroic deeds and highlighting the unsung heroines of the epic is the work of a mastermind. I loved the book and always keep coming back to it, as Urmila has the faith and trust of all around her and the fulfilment the book gives to the heart is incredible.

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