The Legacy of Longing

The diaphanous sheets susurrate against the onyx parchment As I gently turn the dog-eared pages of our mothballed album – The treasured cache of moments

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Eclectic Emotions

Ms Basak’s maiden published anthology offers everything that would satiate the soul of a poetry aficionado. From technical purity to a pleasurable reading experience, Eclectic Emotions ticks all the right boxes. I highly recommend this delightful melange of words and verses to all discerning lovers of poetry. 

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A Slice of Life

As the title suggests, this delightful collection of stories makes us sit up and take note of so many vignettes of our daily life, buried under layers of mundane oblivion. Smita Das Jain’s deft penmanship delves deep and crafts them into heart-warming literary pieces that are both relatable and relevant, doing complete justice to her laudable story telling skills!   

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