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Welcome to Deepti Sharma‘s space, where she discusses everything about ‘writing’.

Anupaman calls herself a wanderer at heart and loves to explore new places. She also actively gets involved in social causes to make a difference in her own small ways. She has been involved in counselling of rescued human trafficking survivors during their rehabilitation and strongly believes in being the change that we all wish to see in the world. There is a stream of truth that flows in her work which seh is willing to share with us as she #QuillsIt.

Sit back as Anupama takes you on this journey every Wednesday. Right here, on her space.


About Deepti:

Deepti is a dreamer and her undoing is, ‘she sees the dawn before the rest of the world‘. Yes, she loves Oscar Wilde. She is a management graduate with a corporate experience and also a former entrepreneur. Currently she is a blogger, a poet and a mini fiction writer. Her work has been published in many e-journals and online magazines like Best poetry, Glomag and in Plethora her poem was chosen as the editor’s pick. She has won many poetry and fiction writing contests on many revered platforms like ‘On fire movement’, ‘Plethora’, ‘Literature Lover’s Association ‘ ‘Penmancy ‘ etc. Recently her poem has been published in an anthology called ‘Emotionally yours‘.

Currently working as an associate editor with a woman’s magazine, she is a mother of three, residing in Ludhiana, Punjab. 


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