Writing Exercises

Exercising is good for health, they say. With that belief, we believe, exercising your craft often hones it further. Therefore, we engage our writers in various writing exercises on our Facebook Page and Facebook Community (Write.Read.Support.). Join us there to engage, learn and improve.

  • Show, Don’t Tell

When actions, thoughts, senses, and feelings are described in a way that the reader finds themselves a part of the text, we know that the writer has shown instead of telling a story. To further improve on this essential skill in writing, this exercise comes as great practice.

  • Memlogue

Dialogue is so essential, especially in a short/flash story. Also, while writing a play, dialogues are the glue that holds it all together. But creating a memorable dialogue is a skill which can elevate any text. Hence, we’re asking to create dialogues that get etched in our minds.

  • Fryme

Songs, ballads, poems- nothing else makes our heart sing as loud and so to practice this skill we propose writers to write various forms of poetry- couplets, free rhyme, quintain, haiku- you name it. And voila, we get smoother with each attempt.

  • PenGram

Vocabulary and grammar are the edges that one can create in their stories for them to stand out. Regular practice can do wonders for our text. So we have grammar skills test, word of the day, the idiom of the day and you can make your text shine like a new penny.

That’s not all though. Because when we exercise, we see the results too. The best submissions are highlighted on our Facebook page and Instagram. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in!

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