Fall To Rise

Fall To Rise

Once upon a bright Spring morn
In the cradle of a bud, I was born,
Snug against a bough, I waited to unfurl 
Into a vibrant green folio, from the whorl,
I bloomed wholly in Lent’s embrace
My looks, even Summer couldn’t deface;

~ I was a thing of beauty to behold

But, as the days waltzed into the arms of fall
A transformation gripped me, a condition fatal,
My chlorophyll dreams shattered like seeds ripe
When autumns brush painted me in hues bright,
Tainted in auburn, I fluttered in the breeze
While the passersby’s paused to click Selfies;

~ For, I was a thing of beauty to behold 

Until, like a premature fruit, I fell from high
Only to kiss the soil with an exasperated sigh,
But then, Earth whispered- ‘tis not to unnerve 
For, even a fallen soul, has a purpose to serve,
Now, ‘twas my turn to contribute to the ecosystem
With fall I rose, to be the pride of my plant kingdom.
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