Friend in Disguise

Friend in Disguise

Shweta was an Interior Designer and was working in a firm with a dream of starting her own practice someday.  She was the only daughter to her widowed mother. She lived in Mumbai and had independent thoughts. 

A distant aunt brought Amit’s proposal, who was living in Delhi and was well settled in business.  Amit’s parents had left for their heavenly abode, recently in an accident.  His elder sister Geeta was eager to get Amit married soon.  Shweta was a bit sceptical, as she had to leave her city and get married to a stranger. 

Shweta pleaded to her Mom, “Give me some time so that we can know each other.”

Her Mom was adamant and said, “When a good proposal comes, you should not think twice.  Anyway, you get to know the real person after living together only.”

Shweta and Amit had a simple wedding.  Amit’s elder sister Geeta was married and resided in Delhi. She stayed with Shweta for a few days to make Shweta comfortable and get accustomed to the family’s rituals and traditions.

One morning when Shweta and Amit were sipping their morning tea, Shweta expressed her desire to work, but Amit changed the topic. Shweta was taken aback but decided to wait for a few months before popping the question again.

After a month, she noticed Amit’s indifference towards her as he started coming home late.  “Workload” was the answer when questioned.  When this continued for a fortnight, she became suspicious. 

She thought, “Is there another woman? Should I check his pockets or cell phone?”

One night he came extremely late.  The next morning Shweta saw some strange bits of paper in the dustbin.  She took out the bits and joined them to investigate. She found herself staring into two movie tickets of the previous night!!

Shweta was heartbroken. She became restless and needed to talk to someone. She knew only one person in this city – Geeta.  She called Geeta and with tears rolling down her cheeks she told her about Amit’s late-night outing from office and the movie tickets.

Geeta immediately rushed to Shweta.

Without giving Amit a chance to say, Geeta pounced at him.

“How dare you do this to Shweta? What if she does this to you? She left her family and everything behind to start a new beginning with you. And this is what you give her?  I am ashamed of calling you, my brother. As of now, I am taking Shweta with me. She needs some space and a break from you to decide on her future.  I will stand by whatever decision she takes. She is an independent woman and can take care of herself.”

Amit was speechless.

Geeta turned towards Shweta and said, “Being a woman, I can understand you,”

Shweta hugged Geeta and realised that she not only found an elder sister but also a true friend in Geeta.


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