Such a great help for writers… Wishing this a success

Wow… this is really an awesome initiative and it is really great that you are providing such an awesome support to aspiring writers. wishing all the best to great success and looking forward to all upcoming posts.

Penmancy is an excellent platform to hone your writing skills.

Penmancy, first of all I love the name and then I love the idea too… for the value I can see it creating already. All the best and am looking forward to your posts.

I am thankful that this platform actually takes the literary arts quite seriously in all aspects. And not only that, the admins make sure that each and every member who contribute is remembered, which is a mammoth task in itself. We are lucky to have a strong foundation of admins and members who do not engage in immature mild taunting of other writers and are consistent in appreciating each and every story of each and every writer over here, in a mature way, without the writers being forgotten after a month or so. And the best, there is equality over here as favouritism (where the stories of a certain writer is favoured over a potentially better one just because the admins favour them more and not because of sheer talent) is discouraged over here. And, if you think that you know it all, Penmancy will bring something fresh to the table that will knock your socks off. From little grammatical exercises to storytelling contests, I have always learnt something that has helped me greatly to improve my simple writing skills.

This is one of the platforms that will become very successful very soon! Keep it up, team!

Penmancy is fantastic…I’m a beginner and I love the word exercises and just about everything about Penmancy.It encourages one to write freely and also provides great ideas …Six pens is particularly amazing.

It’s certainly a nice platform. An amateur like me can gather courage to put forward my bad writing here. I am learning a lot from the good writers. An opportunity to get my brain exercised. And above all one is connected with lots of people ranging from all age group. Its real fun.

Penmancy has done a wonderful job in opening up this platform for all aspiring poets and writers! Keep up this awesome work. You don’t know how many lives you are changing.

This is an awesome place to be for any budding writer. So many brain exercises and kind of support and feedback you give to each member is just lovely. I am a newbie here but it already feels home with so many like-minded writers.

Good platform for enhancing your writing skills and learn and explore new writing bites.

An awesome avenue for wannabe writers. Not just because of the amazing contests, but also because of the actionable feedback by some great minds. Until now, I haven’t really come across many who could review one’s work so methodically. Hopefully, I can use my learnings here to produce better works in the future.

This is a wonderful place for anyone who loves to read. For those who write or aspire to write, there’s tremendous support from other fellow writers and a great opportunity to learn and get inspired. The feedback received on work submitted for contests is extremely useful. So in short, you find here a great bunch of fun loving people who write, read and support !!

I am thrilled to be a part of this beautiful platform which gives amateurs like me the opportunity to share our works. There is so much to learn, but most of all its the encouragement on this platform from fellow writers that makes it special! A big thank you, Penmancy! There is excitement every morning to see the new prompt/ exercise lined up which help hone our writing skills!

 It is certainly an amazing platform for a novice writer like me. Thank you all for your continuous encouragement. I never dare to write any story but I am writing now and earning appreciations for the same which is a big achievement for me. It’s all for your powerful words which helped me to come out from my comfort zone.  I have already informed my friends to like your page and participate. I must thank Amrita Mallik because she is the one who has introduced me to this innovative page. I am simply enjoying.

For a novice, there isn’t a better place than this. Word exercise, grammar inputs, appropriate language usage, you have it all. It’s a bundle in all – to learn and explore. I certainly am having fun being a part of you guys!!

I love this platform. I am a member of a few other ones, but I love this the best. The prompts are wonderful, from dialogues to 100 words to 500 and 2000, prose and different kinds of poetry. I love it. Thanks to Penmancy for keeping it varied and interesting.


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