This Father’s Day, deliver a message to show how much you have gained under the protective cover of your dad.

Write a letter to your dad on the theme “…because you told me so”. Even if the quoted words do not appear in your text, yet the message should deliver the same.


  1. Based on the above theme, write a letter between 250-300 words. Send in your entries to penmagica@gmail.com in a word document. The subject of your mail should be “Entry for #LetterUnsentToDad″ (compulsory).
  2. Entries exceeding (or falling short of) the word limit will stand disqualified for the event. (Penmancy Tip: Use https://wordcounter.io/ to check your word count.)
  3. Previously published or plagiarized works will not be considered for contention. The writer of such content stands a chance to be disqualified for the next Penmancy event.
  4. Submission to be sent between June 15, 2019, 8 am IST and June 16, 2019, 8 pm IST.
  5. The stories shall be published till 8 am IST on June 17, 2019.
  6. Results shall be declared on June 17, 2019, at  8 pm IST.
  7. Writers of top 2 stories will win a book “Expecting Daddy Delivers” by Rakhi Kapoor

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