My Bundle of Joy

My Bundle of Joy

This is my story. A story of Wish and hope. A gynaecologist by profession who would give hope to her every patient that she would conceive, that she would have a healthy baby, that she should not despair …was looking for miracles to happen. 

I was thrilled as the Pregnancy kit showed up those two lines within a year of wedlock. It was time to rejoice and announce to the whole world what being on cloud nine meant. As I went for my first Ultrasound examination in the fifth week, I was told about the absence of a sac. The Gynae in me pronounced the diagnosis! 

It had to be an ectopic Pregnancy!

 My treating doctors tried in vain to convince that it could be a delayed sac and would appear soon as there was no substantial evidence to corroborate anything else. In two days, I visited them again and had a repeat scan. My worst fears had come true. There was a LIVE GESTATIONAL SAC replete with heart beats but in the wrong place. 

It was in my left fallopian tube!!

 I was hospitalised immediately as it could prove catastrophic and fatal. Surgery followed after careful and long deliberation and it was decided to save my tube for future. The best part of “Time” is that it heals and helps fading bad memories….I also forgot and started to wish for another pregnancy ….this time a healthy one.
Another Pregnancy test showed a double line… was a deja vu of sorts and this time I was more restrained. I went in for a scan straightaway and fate looked at me straight in my eyes!!!

It was a second Ectopic Pregnancy!!

Another Surgery followed and yet another one after a year to see why I was not conceiving.
All my tests were normal but yet there was no result.
six years passed…..Running from pillar to post…..investigations…hospital visits…. Prayers and Temple visits…. hope and despair….social boycott for fear of being stigmatised …..
In these six years I underwent many ART cycles (Artificial Reproductive Treatment) with no success.
Though I knew now my chances of conception were frugal….I wished and wished…I wished to have a normal life of a woman who was blessed with progeny.
I wished for a life where I could relive my childhood with a new born.
Was it too much for me to ask for something which everybody gets aplenty?
I was not able to concentrate on my career and felt dejected and underprivileged despite education.
It was my eighth year of marriage and I had almost forgotten what I had wished for….
A replay of events happened again but this time with a twist.
Pregnancy test positive and a healthy sac in uterus.
The following nine months were full of anxiety and wishes.

Wishing for a Healthy new born with no deformity.
My wishes were granted at last.
I had my bundle of joy in my arms.

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