Nature’s Symphony

Nature’s Symphony

Every time I look up to  the skies,
The yonder blues and what there lies,
My eyes, filled with wonder vibes,
What lies beyond  those Heavens wise ?
I ask myself ……..!!

Where do the fluffy clouds go?
How can the birds fly so high and low?
Who put the stars there to twinkle and go?
Who let the Moon up in the skies to dangle so?
I don’t know ……. I don’t know !!!

Every time I look at the sea, deep
My mind is filled with calm and peace, steep
Seeing the waves and ripples rush up to peep,
I ask myself .. …
How did the fish get into the waters?
Who made the beach, sea shells and otters
Who brought up the froth and foam waters
I don’t know ………I don’t know !!!

Every time it rains and stops
The Sun  creeps up from the clouds atop !!
An arch of beautiful colours, out they pop 
Throwing open  the gateway to Heavens tops !!!
I ask myself….
Who splashed the colours up there?

Who painted the sky with such flair?
And why did they vanish somewhere? 

May be to bid goodbye to the twilight fair 
I don’t know …. I don’t know !!!

Twilight approaches, the Sun dips behind the seas,
Casting a spell  of magic  with as much  ease,
The golden Sun splashing bloody  colours as if to please,
I ask myself …
Where did the Sun go?
How did it get such a glow?
Why does it set and rise again to follow ?
I don’t know…….!! I don’t know !!

The rhythm of the Cosmos so beautiful and pristine,
Sun, Moon, Stars, and Galaxies too shine,
Air, water, fire, earth and  ether playing  fine,
Nature, I bow to thee in all humility and reverence prime .

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