No More ‘The Queen Bee’

No More ‘The Queen Bee’

Here I am, being wheeled to the delivery room,
Anxious I am, anticipating to see you soon,
My baby, no longer in my tummy you will be,
Instead a little brat in my arms I will see.

But how I will miss those midnight cravings for food,
Ooh, strawberry ice-cream, peanut butter sandwich never felt so good!
Nausea too hit me mid-mornings sometimes,
And then I would gorge on a lavish spread at lunchtimes.

The hubby has been on a tight leash, at my beck and call,
Hey, my back hurts! Hello, hold me lest I fall…
My in-laws gushing and fawning over me,
Never have I felt before like ‘I am the Queen Bee!’

Alas, with you outside, all this will end,
I can’t help but feel oh! so depressed,
Baby, can’t you stay in just a little bit longer?
While Mommy goes on to satiate some more hunger.

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