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Welcome to Olinda Braganza‘s space, where she discusses everything about ‘writing’.

Olinda calls herself a day dreamer and has an instinsci imagination. She has been a great ambasador of Penmancy and is one of our founding members. An animal lover, she manages to get herself in situations which warrant selfless love and compassion. She is vibrant, joyful, self-critical and fun loving. There is spark of brilliance in everything that she pens and now she is willing to share all of that with us as she #QuillsIt.

Sit back as Olinda takes you on this journey every Wednesday. Right here, on her space.

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About Olinda:

Being a daydreamer at heart, she discovered her love for writing at the age of ten and slowly, through amateur writing, initially abandoned stories and loads of reading, she finally plucked the courage to write. She has freelanced for writing over 300 stories, short stories and novellas alike, for the past five years. She has also contributed her original works to international writing platforms like Sweek and Needle in the Hay, some of them that have been shortlisted and won. Five of her stories have been published in four Sweek Anthologies worldwide, which were released in 2019. She plans to publish a novella before this year ends.

Olinda has a blog https://thehouseofmystery.wordpress.com/, where she is currently writing an online thriller web series titled ‘The Red List’ and plans to add more original series to her blog library in the future. She believes that she has come a long way since she started out but she still has a long way to go.


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