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SHATTERED- a collection of short stories

SHATTERED- a collection of short stories

Nineteen intertwined stories bring out pain and misery as lives, prejudices, myths are shattered, and inspire us to heal and rise above them.

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A FALLEN LEAF- a collection of short stories

A FALLEN LEAF- a collection of short stories

With poems, composed to introduce each story, these stories will make you laugh, love, hope and think of the things that really matter in life.

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Enter the world of short stories that enable nuanced writing and sharp narrations. A journey into the recesses of the creative minds.

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Five-to-Nine Switch

Bag an MBA from a reputed college, wriggle into a six-figure salary job and then just stay afloat the corporate muck. Those were the golden rules passed down for survival in the work life.  I was told to expect marshy office politics. However, the mantra was to stay afloat in the nine-to-five office rut. Holding

Those Nine Days

“I tested positive”,Sunanda told me over phone. Her tone made me feel  very alarming. She remained  in home Quarantine for three days. But her fever didn’t go with medicines. She was shifted to the covid hospital.She texted me from there. I felt very bad for her. My friend who was always with me in my

Turn Back the Clock

Mrinalini was excited to test her ten years of hard work seated quietly in front of her. After reciting her prayers, she entered the details while her mom’s voice ringed inside her mind. “Mru always remember nine is your lucky number.” Her hands trembled as she hit the ‘GO’ button. ‘Buzzzzzzzzzzz’ It took a while


“Here, you go sir; these are the keys of your room. Have a pleasant stay and for any assistance, dial the reception” smilingly said the receptionist. “Thank you so much” replied Girish. “Where is your luggage sir? Shall I ask the boy to accompany you to your room” asked the receptionist,  “No, I travel with

The Favourite Number

While playing the rapid-fire round with her friends, Tanu said “My favourite number is nine”. Everyone was perplexed and asked her the reason for such a fascination. She said “it’s a long story but let me start-my parents got separated when I was two years old. My father does an ordinary job, and my mother


Mr. Sharma, a senior bureaucrat fasts during the pious Navratri. He is very stringent in the rituals to be observed. No wonder, his last meal devouring tandoori chicken ends the night before the onset of the holy days. Thereafter the house is cleansed in readiness to welcome Maa. The master occupies his place most devoutly

The Ninth Floor

It was 9 o’clock at night of 9th April in summer season.  I was staying on 9th floor of the building named “Ahilya tower” in Firojpur.I was having my dinner that time. No one except me and my six months daughter was at home. I suddenly heard some sound from lobby outside my flat. Never

Match Made in Heaven

Seema’s mother looked at the panditji nervously. “What does it say? Will she get married this year? She’s already twenty-nine.” The panditji kept looking at the paper in his hand, a scowl on his swarthy face. Rubbing his stubby fingers down his chin he said,” Don’t worry Mrs. Nayar. Her horoscope is just wonderful. Her


“Priya can I invite Mriga for the Kanjak Puja today. I need at least Nine kanjikas for the puja. My puja will be incomplete without welcoming nine kanjikas.” Somi, our neighbor pleaded. It happened just last year. My daughter Mriga had turned nine in September. Next month was October and we were all into preparation

Country Roads, Take Me Home

25 October 2019, Kupwara, Indian-administered Kashmir. Slithering through the endless roadblocks and carefully avoiding the prominent military check posts, I furtively moved towards the bus stop.  The air smelt fusty from months of forced lockdown.  The usual inviting smells and sights of the golden autumn seemed to have blurred into a stunned paralysis. The perpetual

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