Forms of Short Fiction

If there is any form of writing in short stories that have gone through a humungous overhauling then it is flash fiction. So if you as any writer what they understand by flash fiction, they will all give you separate answers and some probably will not even fit into the category. Don’t be surprised if […]

The Greatest Lesson

SixPens Tale-05 “They weren’t supposed to know about the circumstances of their birth, that no matter what happens, not one of them should know the secret. But, there are threats out there waiting to pry it open and I’m afraid the time has come when the truth shall be out when our lives will be […]


Mickey was enjoying the evening tea. His faithful friend Pluto served it with love. The pleasant sun and the refreshing tea, “Ah…what a good friend I have got!” Suddenly, he heard the sound of someone rushing out of the house. He went to the balcony and peeped outside. It was Pluto. He was running after […]

The Red Flower

“Whoa, kid. Watch your language,” Baloo warned Mowgli as he bent down to find a place in a corner of the cave to settle himself down. “I am not going to sit still, Baloo, even for a minute. Shere Khan better watch out the next time I get a hold of that Red Flower.” Mowgli […]

A Terrifying Experience In Which: Pooh and Piglet Encounter a Ghost

One evening, Pooh and Piglet were walking home through the forest. It was the night of the full moon and all kinds of strange creatures were wandering in the darkness. Midway home, a floating shadow appeared before them. Pooh was so scared he immediately hid behind Piglet, while Piglet made fists, ready to fight if […]

The First Day In Which: Pooh and Piglet Attend School

One day Winnie-the-Pooh and his good friend Piglet decided to go to school. Off they went through the forest, walking together hand in hand till they reached the schoolyard. It was the first day at school. Everyone was busy getting ready for the admission to the new semester. Pooh and Piglet found themselves in a […]

A Night to Remember In Which: Pooh and Piglet Meet an Alien

One evening Winnie-the-Pooh hurried to his good friend Piglet’s house. Piglet was working in his garden tending the plants and admiring the flowers. In the center of his little yard bloomed in all its glory and splendor, Flora amicitia, the rarest flower in the world. “Come Piglet, we must go quickly to the meadow!” said […]

An Amazing Adventure In Which: Pooh and Piglet Go Hiking

One day Winnie-the-Pooh and his good friend Piglet were sitting together when Piglet said, “Why don’t we go hiking?” “Where shall we go?” asked Pooh. “How about Skyhigh Mountain? The whole world is visible from the top.” “We shall go tomorrow then!” said Pooh. Though Pooh did not like hiking, he was happy to go […]

Braver Than You Believe

When Krish’s face lit up his mobile, Ravi knew it was trouble at home. Radhi sounded anxious at the other end. ‘I am very concerned, Ravi. Can you come home now?’ He was on the road in the next ten minutes, thanks to his thoughtful boss. In the car, Ravi’s mind flashed a hundred images. […]

Dead Man Murder

For Rakesh, it was, as usual, a normal boring day in the Kanti Nagar Police Station. By the way, Rakesh was a constable in Kanti Nagar Police Station and my friend. The daily chores include dealing with small thieves, sometimes chain snatcher and murderers once in six months along with writing FIRs but that day […]

A Philosopher’s Thoughts

A night heron stands in meditation By the blue shore of a wintry lake, A butterfly flutters in a trance Upon the flowery eyes of spring, Golden vipers dance in remote forests In the silent sunburst of still afternoons, Hares go romping in summer glades Like waltzing wind blown leaves, Swifts speed through the fragrant […]

Righting the Wrong

An oncosurgeon for twenty-eight years, Dr. Nitesh Joshi has retired leaving behind his hours and  days of cutting through people’s bodies so as to lend them a few more months, a couple of years perhaps, to allow them to do the same things that gave them their cancers. Unlike his brother who was extremely interested […]

Emily, The Witch

SixPens Tale- 4 Everyone said that Emily was a witch who does black magic and I never seemed to believe anyone. But, I still had my doubts. So I decided to befriend her. At first, she seemed to be quite bizarre with her strange acts, (suspecting the motive of my friendship). As I got to […]

5 Ways to Punctuate a Dialogue

Punctuating dialogue might seem a minor part in fiction writing, a no-brainer, but it plays a crucial role in making sure that dialogue exchanges between your characters make sense to your readers. However, some writers find punctuating dialogue confusing. This article will focus on the different ways to punctuate a dialogue. But before we proceed, […]

The Little Boy

‬Once there was a little boy who was a friend to all creatures big and small.‭ ‬On his way to school,‭ ‬he would give the bottle of milk that his mother prepared for him to a calf roaming in the street.‭ ‬He would give piglets belly-rubs whenever he saw them.‭ ‬He petted every dog he […]


It was his first night in the new rented house in Jamshedpur. His mother did a puja of Griha Pravesh in the morning. The aroma of dhoop, sandalwood and ghee was still lingering in the air. Avinash was feeling happy in his sleep. He was seeing his father in a dream. His dear father was […]

The Sleepover

I had returned home from my board examinations when we learned about my grandma’s heart attack. She lived alone at our ancestral home in Kochi and my mom was devastated. Dad was away on a business trip and my mom had to decide between waiting for his return or leave me alone at home just […]

Preparing An Ideal Draft for Short Stories

Normally, there is no set formula for writing a short story. If it’s too technical it loses its soul. If it’s not guarded, it may drone out. Nevertheless, a short story finds its soul when there are a few vital points, directed towards its structure and style, that must be kept in mind while drafting […]

A Love So Divine

Let the cold winter that ceases, Hear me aloud from the time that freezes Laughter and shivers that grows within, Let no time be the barrier to this silver lining My heart aches to be with you, To hold you, spoil you, and surrender too There is no boundary that keeps us apart, This separation […]

I am a thread…I am a thread of passion

I am a thread, that is never broken. (means strong) I am a thread, that unites others. (means collaboration) I am a thread, that you tie at the right hand. (means auspicious) I am a thread, I am an entrepreneur  (means passion) Be a thread. Be an entrepreneur. ___________________________________________________ […]

Fate, Forgiven…

Martha’s feet hesitated over the dried leaves that travelled from the desolated street through the broken, partially unhinged front door. She touched the old, chipped doorframe and took a deep breath, still feeling the warmth of the place that we once called home. “Looks like things haven’t changed a bit, have they?” I smiled at […]

I’m So Happy To See You

SixPens Tale- 3 “I’m so happy to see you!” “Where were you all these days?” continued Ben after Tom didn’t answer. “I searched all over for you.” Tom looked away recalling those events. The day it all had happened. Then, Tom quickly hugged his friend. Ben could not stop his tears -the tears of joy […]


“Did he call?” Anu puts a question, knowing Meera will not like to answer. “The weather is nice today.” Meera does not break her gaze towards the sky. Anu knows Meera wouldn’t open up that easily. But Anu wouldn’t give up easily either. They are childhood friends and have been with each other through everything. […]

“Show, Don’t Tell”

“Show, don’t tell“ is one of the common writing tips or advice that we often read from any writing-related article. But what does it mean and how do we do it? Let us say that one of the characters in your story, Prakash, is cruel and violent. You can TELL the readers: Prakash is cruel […]

2051: A Child’s Nightmare

I am in an empty room. Lying on the floor. Maybe I am asleep. Gradually the walls begin to crumble as though the whole world is falling apart. As the bricks turn into dust, the door opens and I find myself in the middle of a street. I am surrounded by people. Hundreds and thousands, […]

The Shining Star

A bud, a rose, a beautiful flower, Here comes the beauty of a shining star Oh hey! come let me show you the path To the heaven afar where no man’s at par This life, this regime has so much to give Let’s open our arms to receive this gift For how I know this […]

A Piece of Heart

“You should publish this!” Reza stated as Frieda engaged herself in sorting her crisp cotton sarees neatly. “Nopes!” Frieda replied as she hung a starched pink Lucknawi chikan saree in her wardrobe. “But why?” Reza almost shrieked. “This’d sell like hotcakes!” “It’s an incomplete diary entry, Rey” Frieda shrugged, “no one’s ever gonna be interested.” […]

It Had Been Ten Years Since

SixPens Tale- 2 It had been ten years since those haunting aliens were last encountered and their nefarious plans of invasion had created a state of malaise. I vividly recollect that balmy day and the spotless skies without end. Suddenly, the weather became ominously eerie as innumerable warships made their appearance like dark masses of […]

Coffee Mornings

As the sun shines through my window in the midst of the morning glow, my cravings look for a binge in the side of the coffee drawer.  Now how I see myself making a cup for me, I hear a knock from there saying open the door, hurry!  I ran up to the door and […]

The Last Time I Saw Him

SixPens Tale- 1 Version 1 The last time I saw him, he was brooding over his coffin. The droop of the shoulders was like the weight of the world hanging from them. The next morning, he was found dead. What premonition! Who could it be, I wondered. I never imagined such things could happen in […]

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