The Ball of Life

There was a knock on my door. I opened it and he was there. Vitaglobulus citorotatus ambulocanthus brutum. I did not know that before, but that is what I found out he was. A living spherical fast-rotating mobile wheel-like creature. Indeed, he had the appearance of any ball you see the children playing with, as […]

A Surreal Suspension

H., the famous fishing magnate, who supplied fish to the gourmet chefs in town, and made the palates of pescatarians pulse with delight, walked towards the old suspension bridge. It spanned the broad river whose waters had made him rich and celebrated throughout the country. His legendary ability to introduce all kinds of exotic and […]

Writing hacks to keep you motivated

Writing is a solitary activity. The only companions that you will find are the characters that you yourselves will create. Isn’t it a bliss finding yourself in a world that you have created on your own? However, even the busiest of writers sometimes face writers’ block yet they manage to find that essential time to […]

Sixty Seconds

Like you, dear reader, I am an animal. A four-legged, even-toed ungulate. A pig, to be precise. But I wasn’t always one. Born in Poland in 1920 and brought up in a loving, secular Jewish family of free thinkers who did not believe in organised religion, I always dreamt of becoming a professor. And so, […]

The Cabin

In Jogh, a small orthodox village in the abode of Gods, there lived a young couple who, after two years of marriage, had not been blessed with a child. In such a village, families, friends, relatives, and neighbours -the entire village, so to speak, would start policing your life once they hadn’t seen a little […]

The Vanishing

Tonight is my last in prison. Tomorrow at first light I will be executed. I am accused of the heinous crime of uxoricide and condemned to death by electrocution. Though I am an abhorrent man in the eyes of the world, I am indeed innocent. Like the angelic lamb I am sent to the slaughter […]

she who makes my heart flutter

she who makes my heart flutter like flames & butterfly wings in her smile has my soul found the eternal sunshine of life the warm touch of the sky, and the blue tenderness of distance melting liquid gaze of her eyes like waterfalls in secluded forests white songs of passionate silence before the delight of […]

Building The Narrative Pace

Narrative pace is the pace at which your story’s action is paced at.  The two factors that govern the narration are the tone of voice and the choice of words. To make them pace well there are some grammatical tools that can help make your story an effective one. Using the Participial Phrase: Participles are […]

Postcard From Heaven

It was that time of the year. Steffi flipped the page on her desk calendar. Today morning was going to be a test of her perseverance. But she knew in her heart that she must cater to her responsibility without a doubt. She looked outside her window to see the kids playing merrily in the garden. […]

Gift of Friendship

Every evening we used to walk in the park, but today he was not there. Instead, I found a note written in his calligraphic hand -“Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.” I met him a month back when I saw him feeding bees with water. I immediately stuck up a conversation with him since I […]

An Eerie Encounter

On a late Sunday afternoon, five friends gathered at the Professor’s house for their customary  meeting. They held their Sunday confab like clockwork since their youthful days. At their get-together, the friends entertained each other with motley stories from their lives. They would settle comfortably in their chairs sipping hot black tea. As the conversation […]

The Wanderer

I went wandering all alone Like a river through a vale I lay somewhere like a stone A leaf grown yellow and pale Days passed away like pouring rain Years hurried on like blowing wind I saw the sun set and rise again But found not the end, not the end. Flowers blossomed and fell, […]

Lex Talionis

Some proclaimed me insane. Others called me an old man with nothing else to do than spin tall tales. But what I shall tell you is no lie. I once lived in a tiny village called Sylvaterra, a place surrounded by lush green vegetation. Wherever you looked, you could only see beauty. Though life was […]

The Golem; or, Stranded on the Edge of Oblivion

It was a strange year, of dark suns and light rains, when unholy clouds swarmed in the ultramarine expanse of tortuous skies. The air was filled with ominous portents, the earth crawled with sinistrous disquiet. They called it the year of the Minotaur, and like the fantastical beast, it demanded blood from all. Three hundred […]

An Aerial Departure

He told me all the time “We have to get out of here.” I knew him since childhood; we were best friends. We grew up in an immense city, a sea of concrete, where the billboards were greener than the grass. His favorite activity was to rescue little plants trapped in a lifeless landscape and […]

Remote Incarceration

There came a time in the life of Alpheus when he announced to his friend, “We have to get out of here.” His friend, as usual remained silent. Alpheus was accustomed to voicing all his thoughts with his rather reticent friend, Zebulon. But he did not mind, for he was elated he had someone to […]

The Night of Vengeance

The evening was beautiful. The brilliant sun perfectly framed between ponderosa pine trees was at its usual magnificence as it beamed the last rays of the day. It slowly disappeared beyond the distant blue mountains, making way for the night. Victor was in the portico admiring the view before him. He was startled when a […]

The Man-child

Let me tell you about the man-child I met at the park. I call him the man-child because he looked like a  boy, but spoke like a man, albeit, a strange one. Small and rotund like a new-born infant but articulating like an old man, he seemed to have got stuck in a limbo of […]

The Consolation of Amnesia

1 AM in the morning. Casper wakes up to find Cornelia; his wife is not asleep beside him. He hears faint unfamiliar voices downstairs. He gets up, walks down the stairway. His wife is in the kitchen arranging glasses on a tray. The scent of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air. On seeing Casper, Cornelia […]

The Flight of Friendship

Her name was Eidolon. She worked at the toy store in the airport lobby. Her face was round, and her eyes were large and liquid like the eyes of a newborn. She looked so dainty and delicate that she was often mistaken for a mannequin or a doll. Indeed, she was more comfortable among the […]

The Great Humbling

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Book of Proverbs, 16:18). Dr. N. Crutak, the Chief of Quality Control at the airport, was a very famous man. He had written his Ph.D. dissertation in a span of six months, entitled A Systematic Analysis of Benefits: A Philosophical Discourse on the Multiple […]

The Miracle Child

The fragrance of freshly brewed coffee from the cafe below our office filled the air. I wished I were home but there was still work left to do at this late hour. I took out my diary from the drawer and continued where I left. The last entry, ‘he just left. They have not been […]

The Fellowship of the Stone

I’d been watching him for ten minutes, and the hooded man had not moved an inch. His face was focused on the view before him; his hands tucked inside the pockets of his grey sweater. I had never seen him glance anywhere else. It was as if he was scared that he would miss something […]

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