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SHATTERED- a collection of short stories

SHATTERED- a collection of short stories

Nineteen intertwined stories bring out pain and misery as lives, prejudices, myths are shattered, and inspire us to heal and rise above them.

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A FALLEN LEAF- a collection of short stories

A FALLEN LEAF- a collection of short stories

With poems, composed to introduce each story, these stories will make you laugh, love, hope and think of the things that really matter in life.

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Enter the world of short stories that enable nuanced writing and sharp narrations. A journey into the recesses of the creative minds.

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And then comes the winter

And then comes the winter suddenly, fiercely Leaving the forest shrouded in snow and silence. The dark night sky is so deep and translucent That you can see through a million years ago. Tonight a thousand stars have disappeared Forever engulfed by the abyss of time Like old friends, you shall never see again The

Before You’re Gone

Pack me in your heart Before you’re gone Let us share one last breath together Let me behold you and caress you Let me make enough warm memories To stay alive for the coming lonely nights Let me believe one last time In the beauty of life You by my side in this cold winter

The Winter Beast

Here falls the autumn, And comes the winter beast I wish I could make a blanket of the last summer sun And wrap around me before it comes This one shall hold no mercy For those who lay shelterless on a cold street While some admire its beauty The homeless dread the rise of this

The Roadside Acquaintance

The day was Monday, the month was December, My feet were struggling to step out. For experiencing this chilling winter. Along the street in the dark night, Were the snowy trees wearing street light. My hands were shivering, were chuckling in my pocket, My heart was mumbling, wanting to propel like a rocket. Out of

After the Selfies

It was the 26th of October and a very busy day for me. I was co-organizing a seminar on Dementia for my club. We had invited two eminent practising psychiatrists as speakers to this seminar which would be attended by around 50 people. I arrived earlier, with the other organizers, to review arrangements at the venue. Sheila,

Dial S for …

ACP Selvaraghavan hated his job as a Cyber Crime investigator and more so today when the case involved his close friend. More than the sleaze involved in these cases, he was perturbed by the depravity and audacity with which such crimes were committed. Seated across him was his friend of 10 years and complainant Sanjay

The Statue of Loss

There it dwells still and wry, On top of the hillside, alone and leafless I wonder often if it was once alive? In snowy winter, it ignores the breath of air A brave heart defying death without any fear. Quiet as a seer who has turned pale Whose wisdom speaks, through stories and tales Rests

Born Again

You came on a winter night When I felt your breath My heart warmed My baby. You look at me Wide eyes Curl your fingers Around my thumb Your cries for two hours For milk Irritate me sometimes I remind myself I can’t expect You to feed yourself now, can I? Time is waterfalling Already

Introducing Penmancy

Penmancy is a coven of creative characters who are fascinated with the magic of the pen to weave new worlds with words. We, at #Penmancy, aim at providing a global platform for passionate amateur and aspiring writers to exhibit their work in the form of short stories, novellas, poems, plays, essays, writing tips and everything

Who is Markus Marshall?

SixPens Tale-06 My real name is Markus Marshall. You heard it right. I am. But that’s not what they knew. My parents had named me Ryan. As I grew I became aware of my popularity in my school. I was known as a joker. A joker whose jokes were as deadly as the man I

A New Beginning

T’was the coldest winter, our hands entwined You gave me that smile I had not seen in a while I knew then there was something in your mind. You said, “This is the last night that we would be together –So let’s cherish it, a night to remember.” My heart ached, my mouth dry I

A Winter’s Tale

Oh, the start of winter, Enough to fill the mind, With hope and delight, Of a new day. Each breath of morning dew, The cool breeze around, Brings a feeling of glee, And makes everything anew. The night is filled with wonder, Snowflakes everywhere, Or a burst of cold wind, That brings out the sweaters!


I was sitting at the Kallor metro station. Although, I’d transited through this line many times before, today, the first time a sense of fulfilment and pride embraced me. There was a rumour spreading across the town that the Urban Development Ministry was going to award Kochi metro as the best metro project in India.


The circle of life moves on. After a day there is a night. I want to sleep forever in the cover of darkness. It’s winter, so sleep too is deep. The cool air takes my breath away The heart is at peace as is the body. The moment is as if to be drowned in

The Curious Case of the Fake Money

Mandig village is small and may look peaceful with its verdant hills and forest around it but crime had set foot on this exact village two days ago painting its reputation red. Crimes know no sizes, after all. They happen anywhere, to anyone, anytime. Standing in front of a medium-sized grocery store I order a

Poetry Rewind: Forms of Poetry

There are so many forms of poetry that sometimes it becomes difficult to make one out from another form. In spite of how many people have written or explained the different forms of poetry, there is always room to learn more. Poetry dates back to more than 2000 BC and could very well have originated

Pass The Rope

He dragged his steps out of exhaustion as he followed the purr of the wheels he could hear in the ghats. His lips were parched by now, due to an hour long haul without water, in this cold and dry weather. It was going to get dark soon and all he really prayed was a

Pretty Face

With each passing day and the chase The world is just a crazy race Oh, look!  the storms just past Come smile and give me that laugh Like the mountains here I stand strong The winds cannot chase this grace Hear me aloud oh pouring rain The sun is shining just a mile away The

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