Penmancy Pitch Fest

Welcome to the Penmancy Pitch Fest, where ink meets inspiration, and literary dreams take flight!

In the grand tapestry of storytelling, this is your moment to shine. As writers, we wield words as our greatest tools, crafting worlds, and characters that linger in the hearts of readers. It was Mark Twain who once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Today, you stand at the precipice of discovery, ready to unveil your “why” to the world. So, welcome this opportunity with open arms, for within it lies the magic of your narrative journey. Let the ink flow, and let your words ignite the spirits of those who listen. You are the storytellers, and the world awaits your tales with bated breath.

Now, let’s inspire, connect, and make literary history together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are most welcome to raise your queries. But before you do, please read the below mentioned points to get more clarity:

Q1. What is concept note?
A1. A concept note is an informal document that captures the premise of your manuscript. It is more focused on presenting the core idea or concept behind a proposed project. In a 250-word concept note make sure to convey the crux of your book. A concept note should be precise, to-the-point and touch upon important aspects of the manuscript. MAKE SURE YOU SUMMARISE YOUR BOOK IDEA IN 250 WORDS. 

Q2. How is a concept note different from a synopsis? What is the word limit for the synopsis?
A2. The synopsis of a novel is a concise, detailed summary of the book’s plot, characters, and major themes, providing an overview of the entire story, including its beginning, middle, and end, without delving into every minor detail or subplot. The purpose of a synopsis is to give us a quick and clear understanding of what the novel is about and its key elements.

For this event, your synopsis should be ~1000 words in length.

Q3. Can I register if my manuscript is in progress?
A2. Yes, indeed.  If your manuscript is in progress, and it is AT LEAST 80% complete, then you can apply for the Pitch Fest and continue working on it on the side. Kindly mention the approximate no. of words that your manuscript might end up with.

Q4. Do I need to submit a fresh story manuscript?
A3. Absolutely! Previously published manuscripts WILL NOT be considered for the event.  Please do not pitch a story which is already in discussion with some other literary agency or publisher/s.

Q5. Is there an entry fee to participate in this event?
A5. The participation fee for the event is mentioned under the individual events and has to be paid at the time of registration through an online form.

Q6. What if I make it to Round 3 but do not win the deal?
A6. In case you are not selected for Round 3, you still get a chance to connect to pursue your proposal at your level with the publisher or literary agency we are collaborating with.

Q7. When can I submit my entry/entries?
A7. The deadline for submission is mentioned under the individual event for the year.

Q8. I don’t reside in India, but I am an Indian citizen living abroad. Can I pitch?
A8. Yes! please go ahead.

Q9. How will I know if my story gets selected for Round 2?
A9. Declaration of all results for Round 1 and Round 2 shall be done on all our social media accounts and those of the publisher or literary agency we are collaborating with.

Q10. Can I invite my other writer friends to participate in the event?
A10. Absolutely! The event is open to submission by anyone over 18+  years of age and residing in India.

Q11. Can I submit a pitch co-written with another friend?
A11. At present we are seeking only single author entries and therefore would not be accepting any co-written work.

For any other queries, please connect at

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