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Penmancy Points (PPs)

  • Penmancy is giving away PPs that can be redeemed for tokens, gift vouchers, etc. once they reach 20000 PPs (thereafter, PPs can be redeemed in multiples of 5000) or may be gifted to fellow writers and readers (only earned PPs can be gifted not the already gifted ones :D)
  • All the entries received (for QuinTale and PenMuse) will automatically earn participation points of 100 PPs
  • Entries received for #HarnessWriting shall receive PPs as mentioned in the event details (upwards of 250PPs)
  • Based on the number of entries received, the top 3 stories/poems would be identified to receive PPs of 300, 200, 100 respectively (for QuinTale and PenMuse) or a sponsored book, whichever is applicable. The same prize rule applies to the winners of #HarnessWriting.
  • Commenters are eligible for earning 20 PPs for reading and commenting on a story/poem. A bonus 100 PPs may be earned if you comment on ALL the stories/poems of the month. Since not all comments/reviews are equal (and for fairness’ sake), ONLY helpful and relevant comments are considered (should be at least 20 words, excluding copied lines of the poem) for PenMuse, 40 words for QuinTale, and 70 words for HarnessWriting; Quality is preferred over quantity).
  • Top 5 commenters in all monthly events get 50 PPs extra each. 
  • Considering all the comments/reviews received for QuinTale, PenMuse, and HarnessWriting, one best review award is given and will receive 200 PPs extra (or a sponsored book, if available). No extra PPs or book is given if there isn’t any qualifier for the said award.
  • In case writers wish to send more than one entry for the same event, these entries will still be eligible for PPs (100 PPs each for PenMuse and QuinTale and 150, 200, or 250 PPs each for HarnessWriting depending on the set word limit).
  • PPs lapse if there is no participation in three consecutive months
  • In the meantime, keep collecting PPs by participating in our events. (Collection of PPs starts when the first story/poem for the event is published on the website/shared on the group and ends when the announcement of monthly PPs is out).
  • Penmancy Points can be redeemed against books and Amazon vouchers.

UPDATE: Earning PPs for all events from September 2020 is stopped until further notice. Those who have earned over 10000 PPs may redeem them according to the redemption policy below.

Redemption Policy:

  • Earners must write a mail at requesting redemption.
  • Redemption requests must be mailed on every first day of the month.
  • Only 10000 PPs can be redeemed at a time
  • Only one person can redeem PPs per month. A draw of lots will be used to determine who can redeem for the month if more than one request is received on a particular month.
  • 10000 PPs is equivalent to Rs. 500 Amazon voucher.
  • Only earners who have earned 10000 PPs are eligible for PP redemption.
  • Please allow 48 hours for us to redeem your PPs as Amazon Vouchers

For queries and clarification, contact us.

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