Torrents of Spring Make the heart sing Silence of Summer Foretells sweet slumber Colors of Autumn Herald the End to ...
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Via Dolorosa

Eyes filled with tears Hearts drowning in fears Limbs shackled in chains Half-covered in red stains With neither friend nor ...
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Cry of the Innocent

Caged for a crime I did not commit To the laws of men I must submit Life in freedom I ...
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Daddy was diagnosed with cerebral ataxia, About which none of us had idea. We could only understand that it was ...
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A Paradise Lost

She lay on the floor, lifeless cold A daughter's paradise forever lost How I wish she walks past that door ...
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Sole Survivor

He finds it hard to wear his flesh, swallows his tears and quenches his thirst, Then cries out loud but ...
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Mood: Melancholic
Words to be used: sorrow, spring

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1. The poem must have a 14-line rhyming couplet
(Tip: A couplet is a two-line verse which rhymes and forms a unit alone or a part of a poem)

2. Do not alter the word prompt in any way.

3. All poems must have a title. 

4. Poem/s must be the entrant’s original work and entries must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, broadcast or featured anywhere. NO PLAGIARISM, please!!

5. Every poet may submit up to 3 entries. 

6. Send your poems to in a word document along with your bio in 2-3 lines (in the third person). You may also submit the cover of your poem. (optional)

The closing date of the event is January 25, 2019. Results will be announced on January 30, 2019


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