Forgotten, Not Lost

“Do you remember?” Reese asked lazily, not looking up from his latest iPhone X. “What now?” unconcerned, Rayna threw an unwilling question at him, her eyes glued to her Kindle book she did not wish to part with. “The night I lost my phone…” As he said this, Reese sprung ...
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The Photo that Conquered the World

“The entire world was swept away by their charm and fell in love with their quirky smiles. Who are they? Our field correspondent, Jane Murph, has more details of this...bizarre yet fascinating phenomenon. Jane?” Facing the camera before me, I began addressing the TV viewers. “Thank you, Molly. Well, I ...
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Destiny’s Plan

The night sky was lustrous. Mild showers played all the right tunes. Moonlight and pool side accentuated the mood. His fingers entwined in mine. His sinewy hand grabbed my waist.   Just then my funny bone tickled and I took out my phone. "Selfie time!" I rolled my naughty eyes ...
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The Final Journey

“Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?” - Edgar Allan Poe It all started the night I lost my phone. I came home tired and went straight to bed. Then came this dream. I am on a trek alone in the remote Himalayas. As ...
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Train Friends

She hopped on to the local just in the nick of time. Office hours were going crazy with the new projects rolling in. Antara loved her job but the odd hours scared her. Her colleagues' reassurances about Mumbai being safe and all did little to assuage her fears. Somehow the small-town ...
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A Day to Remember

I was  more adventurous than my normal self that afternoon. I took my dream of  surreptitiously attending Prof. Sen’s ‘Industrial Revolution’ class to fruition, checked off ‘writing a love letter to my imaginary lover in the class room’ from my  ‘things to do before I die’ list, loitered around in ...
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The night I lost my phone
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3. Writers may submit 3 entries of unique storylines. Only fresh stories are accepted for the event.

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