A Skyful of Balloons

A Skyful of Balloons

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The girl who once babbled on with a bright-eyed-exuberance, suddenly turned extremely quite; she had her hallucinations for company, and a nightmare which clung to her resiliently, making her scream every night. Wordlessly. Why did the garrulous girl suddenly turn absolutely quite? What devastating twist, what tragedy engulfed her, throwing her life into turmoil? Read on to find out.

Santosh Bakaya is an eminent poet, academician, novelist, essayist. Besides this, she is also a creative writing mentor and TED speaker.

The author has created a literary wonder with her mighty pen. It makes the reader laugh, cry and look for hope along with Preeti, the female protagonist, as she continues her journey from being madly in love with her childhood sweetheart to later looking for hope in her life.

It will definitely tickle the taste buds of every kind of reader as it’s a beautiful journey full of various shades and hues of life.

The character sketches are so vivid that it will stick to a reader’s mind for a long time. The vibrant beauty of Kashmir and its seasons makes one feel like viewing it on their own, such is the impact of the author’s mastery over words and their usage.

Words flow through her like water from a mighty waterfall. Penned with lyricism this novella will enrich the readers with a plethora of new vocabulary. It struck the deepest chords of my heart with the romanticism in words.

Among the ceaseless release of books of various kinds be it novels, a poetry collection, anthologies etcetera A SKYFUL OF BALLOONS is a class apart and its name will reckon in the corridors of literature.

Highly recommended for all and I am sure the readers will learn a lot about life and it’s unpredictability on various fronts.

Grab your copy and get engrossed in this literary masterpiece to find out what lead to Preeti from being an incessant chatter in terms of Vicky, her companion, to being a silent spectator of the vagaries of life.

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