A Slice of Life

A Slice of Life

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Every human wears a mask. Behind the cheerful facade lies faith, hope, trust, love, despair, confidence, insecurity, et al. Everyone has a story. A DINK couple finding Work From Home a challenge... The Couple who wasn’t one... A rigid person who deviates from a lifelong habit... Two people who remain in touch for 35 years, without talking... A daughter who has sacrificed her dreams for her mother… A fictional potpourri of extraordinary narratives of ordinary…

A Slice Of Life is a collection of short stories, that are well categorized and carefully crafted by the author Smita Das Jain. An excellent writer who excels in the art of storytelling and connects with the readers easily. Each story in this collection is special, for they brought forth relatable instances and true aspects of human life. 


Oh, the twist in the tale took me by surprise. Not a single drop of hint, and the story managed to hold the suspense. A simple yet well narrated story with a good message at the end. The author pumped in some fresh air into the boring lives of a married couple showing the way to many. 


What I liked best about this story is the positive turn of events. I felt relieved knowing that the call didn’t bring in sad news, as usually portrayed in many stories where newly married soldiers leave never to return. Simple yet impactful storytelling and the twists at the end of the tale, made the story an interesting one. 

Forever Love 

Gosh! Unbelievable! Every word of this story tugged my heart. The exchange of letters, those carefully chosen words, the emotional impact, thoughts, the way the author expressed the bond of love, simply beautiful. The authors storytelling made me connect with each character personally and made me feel for them; made me respect their choices and understand them completely. Each letter was carefully penned, with lots of love. The twist was heartbreaking, yet the warmth stayed with me. Two men, though strangers got strongly connected by one common bond- Surekha, the love of their life. Phew! My heart’s heavy. Simply loved this story. 

Twist of Fate 

This is another heartbreaking story. And like the other stories in the book, the twist the end did sadden me. The choice Shivani made sounded fair, yet somehow I believe it would’ve been better to disclose the truth and spend the moments creating happy memories with Ajay. Just my thoughts though the plot and narration did impress and interest the reader in me. Well, life plays it own trick and people are compelled to make difficult choices, for good, at times. This story comes with a message too. A love story with a twist. 

My Heart Will Go On 

Uh oh! This was cute yet sad love story. Felt bad for poor Sandesh yet, I guess the author tried to send out a healthy message through the story. Often a friendly smile or a hangout date gets interpreted as a romantic inclination and someone or the other is left heartbroken. A well narrated story, though a common scenario, the storytelling, exchange of dialogues, the way the twist was revealed… all made it an interesting read. 

A Tribute to Love 

A heartwarming tale about a man’s tribute to love, for his wife. The moments came alive and I could see the cairns and the surroundings clearly. The father- son moment, the back story, the significance of cairns were well penned and shared for all to know and feel. A beautiful story of innocence and bond of love that humans share with their loved ones. The language, the plot, the narration- all were well done. 

If I Remembered 

Quite a funny story of a forgetful wife and a workaholic husband who didn’t mind helping his wife to find her things. A short and sweet tale of work-from-home scenario of a couple who handles situations wisely sans fights and arguments. 

Where There’s A Will 

Another humorous story from the author that I completely enjoyed reading. The story is about the common issues that come with new residential units, a lady who is yet to adjust to the modern fixtures, and her way to get things done at the earliest and a husband who tries to balance every situation. A cute husband- wife story that made me chuckle and enjoy it till the end. 

Warning! Computer Virus Spreads to Humans 

A good one, surely. The story made me laugh out loud especially the way she put forward the pay rise request. Totally humorous and contagious it was indeed. Out of the box plot, well narrated, and the fun element made me enjoy the story thoroughly. One needs to read the book to enjoy the stories here. 

Much Ado About Nothing 

Very apt title for the story here. Two friends quarreling over a guy who was equally polite to both. I liked the bond Neha and Payal shared, the maturity and understanding they showed and decided wisely. The story was a simple one but the author Smita Das Jain’s way of presenting it in a funny way, added charm to the story. 

Old Habits Do Die 

The message here was refreshing and yes, “old ways do give way to new beginnings when the underlying reason happens to be beautiful.” Yet another short and sweet story, with a twist at the end. The title was apt, and like the other stories, this one was short and fun to read coz it made me wonder about the turn of events, the language was simple and the plot was a fresh one. 

It Wasn’t The First Time 

Another humorous story about a boss who keeps talking to the staffs about his in-laws, and projects himself as a dutiful son in law, but eventually blames them for wasting his time. His sad story was quite fun to read about and many can relate to the situation. Another short but interesting story from the author that didn’t fail to amuse me. 

Graduation Day 

Such an inspiring story this is. A daughter celebrating her mother’s graduation, fulfilling her mother’s dream pausing her own studies… what an amazing thought! Rare but a positive one indeed. The author shared a wonderful message through this story. A proud daughter who has set an excellent example…through the author’s pen. 

The Couple 

The serious girl meets a jolly boy kind of a story where the girl, Rhea learns to see life differently. They meet on a trip to the beach and eventually gets along. Though a common plot, yet the dialogues and witty approach made the story a good read.

Go Back Home, Where You Belong 

Home is where we belong and sometimes we feel more comfortable in a place that becomes our home gradually. This story had a touch of reality and sent out a message like many of the stories in the book. The WFH scenario, the impact of Covid 19 lockdown on the lives of the common people, it’s harsh affects on peoples lives, and finally the changes that gave way to new beginnings – all were carefully and thoughtfully jotted by the author. A slice of life that many can relate to. 

The Other Side 

Indeed we often miss to see the other side of a situation; the flip side of someone’s life and assume things. We judge and feel jealous of others without knowing what the other person is actually going through. Lack of empathy leads to misjudgment and through this story, the author has portrayed it clearly. This story is a lesson for us to remember that not all we see and perceive is true. Another gem from the authors pen. 


A story about friendship and delicate human relationships where a minor misunderstanding between two good friends separates them forever. Time plays tricks and we usually fall prey and decide in haste. The twist in the tale was surprising and equally interesting. I wanted to read more about the two friends and felt as if their story ended too quickly. A few more instances about their differences would’ve given the readers some time to absorb the sad ending. 

Daddy’s Little Girl 

An inspiring tale where the couple adopts Sona, a special needs child and how they managed to communicate with her. The author carefully penned the story of how the little girl reciprocated to her father’s words and dressed up to celebrate her birthday. A story with a good message and the authors presentation of the whole situation made me connect with the characters. Enjoyed reading the story. 

I must admit that I enjoyed reading the book completely. The language was simple and Smita Das Jain’s storytelling kept me hooked till the end. I’ve been reading stories from the author at Penmancy where I won this book at one of the monthly writing events and must say that each story in this book was worth the read. Some were short and sweet, most carried a good message, a few brought tears and some tickled my funny bones. 

Through her stories, the author showed us ‘A Slice of Life’ from the lives of many humans; like you and me. I surely recommend the book to all the book lovers out there. Go grab the book, read and share your thoughts to encourage and appreciate the author. I’m sure many will relate to the stories and connect with the characters too.


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