All Men Are Worshippers

All Men Are Worshippers

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Frieda, her husband Alfie, lover Mahesh, their seven sons all live in the same house. As Frieda lies in coma, Mahesh recounts their love and life; her seven sons-each stranger than the other-and the impact of their mother's affair on them. The strange relationship of Frieda, Alfie, and Mahesh has many characters like the Gypsy, Badi Bai, Shiela Aunty, Girija, Thakur Rudra Pratap, an apparition in Pink Saree, Your-Highness, Urja, etc that make their lives…

Just like the title of the book that’s intriguing, so is the story of  ‘All Men Are Worshippers’ by Dinesh Prasad. The cover page and the title invite you into a journey of a jumbled, crumbled, and extraordinary expedition of three people. 

Get ready to dive into an exemplary literary play of words, figures of speech, translucent and outstanding language depiction, and creation of brilliant visualization and imagery ride. The book begins with a prologue and carries the beauty of a woman ‘Frieda’. The way Frieda is described in the beginning leaves the reader wanting to know more about this fascinating and enchanting woman.

The book takes you through the birth of Frieda, and the lives of Frieda’s seven children, each described uniquely. Then begins the tale of Frieda, Alfie, and Mahesh. How and why do Alfie and Frieda get married? How do they make their marriage work? What happens when Frieda encounters Mahesh? Love blossoms and finds a way through distinct stages of life. The entire plot is narrated from the point of view of Mahesh. The story includes the characters of Gypsy, Thakur Rudra Pratap Singh, Girija, and other personalities that add up to the essence of the story. The depiction of love, lust, and wanting have been described aesthetically and intricately by the author. He keeps you engaged with mystical and magical characters in the story. The entire saga is a narration from life to death with a whirlpool of sentiments that come out at every step. 

As a reader, we are made to think about what we humans want from our lives.?  We all need a space to belong, we all have our share of desires. We want to be cared for, we strive for affection, dignity, and respect, and most importantly we crave love. We go where we find love, don’t we? But how do we define the path that we select? Can we be free from societal and mental bondages? Can we justify our means to fulfill our desires? All these questions leave a mark on you as a reader. Frieda, Alfie, and Mahesh are on the same quest, and they fulfill their roles with the best that they can give, with dignity and grace. They give love a definition, and they find meaning of love, in their lives together. 

If you enjoy great storytelling, visual imagery, drama, and literary play of words, pick up this novel and find out why all men become worshippers. 

A few lines from the book: 

“Every day, I put together words like a bouquet and present to you. I bring sentences of colored petals, words connected with long slender stems, pain, and joy reduced to the beautiful blooms.”

“The softness of your skin is China silk that ensconces me and fold me in the depths of desire and warmth. You are beautiful.”

“My mind is a bioscope that you and I made, Frieda. I sit back and watch it. Dream it as a new dream. My mind is a gramophone. A new music each day. What makes me happy? Being in love with one woman all my life.”

“Our bodies are seeds, perishable but what comes from it is utterly imperishable.”


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