Double One Zero: Out of the Shadows

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‘Double One Zero (110) – Out of the Shadows’ is a story about deception and one man’s quest to find his identity. The journey to find his identity will take him across the other side of Earth and then back to the capital of India, Delhi. Along the way, he will try to pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle that his life is. Be ready for the ride of your life as ‘Double…
Jasveer Singh Dangi’s book “Double One Zero: Out of the Shadows” is a story of a man, in search of his identity. The title “110,” was well chosen and tempted me to read the content. The author did justice to each character, and the narration was gripping from the start. The language was lucid, and the title of the chapters grabbed my attention. The Revelation and The Final Deal were chapters that kept me
Conspiracy, mystery, combat, patriotism, adventure and some light moments, to ease the tense, made the story an interesting read. The use of foreign dialects gave a realistic aspect to the characters. The twists were timely and the introduction of Raavan took me off guard. Detailed descriptions of the locale was another undeniable plus. The protagonist’s sacrifices were impressively penned. At times, I did lose track due to the flashbacks, but the author did a good job and it wasn’t hard to get back on track. Nonetheless, I would suggest another round of tight editing, to take care of certain technical lapses that might otherwise distract the readers.
To summarize, “Double One Zero: Out of the Shadows” is a suspense-thriller, that is unputdownable. I was quite drawn to finish it. Overall, a compelling story. Last but not the least, the cover image fits perfectly to the plot. The author definitely deserves an applaud for the well thought design. I strongly recommend the book to all the readers out there. Simply go for it and if his style impresses you, then please do read his others books: “Diary from Heaven,” “Version One and a Half,” and his latest book, “Shahen Shah” – The story of Shrenik Shah, the Cancer Conqueror.
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