Incandescent Ardor Amour Emancipated

Incandescent Ardor Amour Emancipated

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Poetry is the best expression of love. Placid and sinuous, unconditional and timeless, both prolix and reticent at the same time, one-sided or reciprocated, unbounded and mesmerising! 'INCANDESCENT ARDOR-AMOUR EMANCIPATED' is all of this and so much more! These are conversations of the heart that reveal the deepest of feelings that anyone can relate to. Love truly has no boundaries….

Incandescent Ardor is a collection of 25 poems, all of them imbued with a different facet of that magical feeling called love. Be it tender or twisted, finite or infinite, requited or unrequited, expressed or unexpressed, every aspect of love is dealt within these verses.  

The poems evoke myriad emotions, some are happy and cute and some others are filled with longing and heartache. 

These are a few verses I liked – 


‘I seem to have gone bonkers
Actually that’s how I always was 
And whatever I seem to salvage 
Is nothing but a lost cause’


‘If love had a face 
It would look like you 
If love could see
You would be the eyes

If love could sing
You would be the voice
If love knew how
Your actions it would imbibe

If love knew you
Love would love you twice.’


The only thing that did not work for me is probably my own reluctance towards the genre. I never read romance and since I am not a poetry reader, I feel my rating is influenced by my own bias and not a reflection of the content itself. 

Having said that, the language used is contemporary and the poems are succinct and easy to follow through. For readers like me, who are primarily prose readers, this is a boon. I am really bad at interpreting the hidden depths of poetry. So, I was happy to find that I was able to read and understand the poems in Incandescent Ardor easily.

Recommended for poetry and love lovers! Happy reading!


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