Island in the Stream

Island in the Stream

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Poems are like islands in the stream of poetry. In a poetic stream of flowing, gurgling emotions; poems are the islands that hearts and weary souls can find respite in, as they navigate life. Poetry is more than interplay of words and rhythms woven into a pattern. It is an emotion that spills out as verse. And, the interpretation of those verses, by the readers, makes the poem what it is. This book is divided…

Islands in the Stream is a poetry book by an eminent writer, Sonal Singh. In this book, the author gathered the various elements of nature and bejewelled them with her elegant lexis. The poems are like the Hershey’s Kisses- you need to let them melt in your mouth and not gobble in one go. It means one need to read and relish the poems one by one, and not rush to finish the book. Or else, you’ll miss to capture the essence of the poems.


The Forty-Eight wonderful poems took me on a beautiful journey. It’s hard for me to put my feelings into words. One needs to engage with the thoughts, to get the feeling that the author tried to share through her poems. The book is divided into two sections. The first part has poems on nature and its elements. The second part has a set of poems on life and human nature. The poet has put her heart into weaving these lovely poems. An excellent work of art, where each segment was thoughtfully sorted and each poem, carefully crafted. 


Quoting a line that’ll surely tickle your taste buds…err… encourage the reader in you to grab the book, asap. “The haze of the caliginous night lifts / Revealing a slumbering morn…” It is hard to say which one’s my favourite. I loved the poem- Romance of the Fireflies, where she presented a magical imagery with words, carefully chosen. Quoting one of my favourite lines: “The moonbeams illuminate / the tale of their love that is wilful, yet shy.” I liked Frosty mornings, Pining for love and Breezes equally


Each one was crafted with care, like a master potter whose work is well-balanced. I believe, every reader will feel the harmony and flow throughout. She is a skilful poet, who gathered the finest of words, and used her artistic talent, to weave a set of exceptional poems. In one of her poems, she says, “Days are like mischievous children.” In another, she praised the moon as – “O’ beauteous orb of glory,” and for the breeze, she wrote- “Yes, breezes are like overly amorous lovers.”


Each poem complimented the title perfectly. She has thoughtfully included the essential topics and sent out nice messages through the poems. In “The new normal” she portrayed the story of the recent times and in “God’s Boudoir” she gave voice to the almighty. The first part ends with a poem that has a beautiful note- “I realize that today the noises of chaos have been drowned out by the muted convalescence, of Earth.”


The second part, titled “Life’s Foibles” has poems that’ll knock your cranium and tug at your heartstrings. I think the best of the lot is the one that focused the main title- “Islands in the stream.” I urge everyone to read it as I don’t want to kill the thrill by writing the details. Each poem is focused on life, human desires, and follies that will make you wonder and ponder. The sequence in which the poems are arranged, will make the readers feel as if they are on a voyage through life. The poems, “Dreams,” “Hope,” and “Joy on the wings of hope,”  will make you re-read them till you have enough. 


Another favourite of mine is- “Stardust of dreams” where the poet wrote- “Sigh! The stardust of my childhood scattered like dust mites and left me bereft.” A thought many can connect to, I guess. The poem “When I am gone” will simply touch your core. I believe each reader will connect; get drawn to the thoughts and emotions. Poems like, “Memories of childhood” and “Paper planes” will make you chortle and feel nostalgic. What amazed me are the titles and the content of each poem- befitting and meaningful. Language, vocabulary, structure were excellently handled. The book can be judged by its cover- a beautiful painting that uplifted and added charm to the content. Islands in the Stream is a treasure trove of poems. Relish them, like you savor the Häagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream scoops. Each poem will refresh the drowsy grey cells with their soothing, playful tunes. If you are yet to read the book, its available on Amazon. Do get your copy and leave a review to encourage and appreciate the author’s efforts. You’ll love the book, I’m sure. 

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