Leadership Wisdom

Leadership Wisdom

Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Published: NaN/NaN/NaN
8 immensely practical lessons that leaders, managers and entrepreneurs can immediately apply to boost morale, liberate loyalty and send productivity soaring while also creating far more fulfilling personal lives. Written as an easy to read the fable, this book will move you deeply and inspire you to become the kind of leader who touches lives, adds true value to the world and leaves a legacy that lasts.

Again a masterpiece by Robin Sharma.

In his typical style, the author has conveyed his lessons through Julian, the Monk who sold his Ferrari. Some of the lessons are there in his book ‘Who will Cry when you will Die’ as well.

The book contains an excellent further reading list as well. The best thing about Robin Sharma is the way he waves the quotes, sayings and anecdotes of various leaders, scholars and writers in his conversations with his much needy friend. Thus making this one an all-inclusive self-help book.

Like any other self-help book, how much of it will help anyone completely depends on the individual themselves, so is the same with this book as well. But an important basic thing that this book says is that the more you delay the implementation of your learning/ goal, the more likely chances are that you will lose the overall plot as well.

All Robin Sharma books are must-haves as personal copies and need to be revisited time and again. And again. And it is not a surprise that this is my personal recommendation too.

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