Leaves Of Autumn And Other Poems

Leaves Of Autumn And Other Poems

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Vasudha Pansare retired as Head, Department of English, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bangalore. She is enjoying her retirement to the fullest, engaging in several creative activities like reading, writing reviews and writing poetry. She has been writing poetry for a long while and only now has decided to publish her poems. Her poems have a wide range of themes which deal with ecological, sociopolitical and feminist issues. They are simple poems,in free verse, straight…

Leaves of autumn and other poems is a compilation of 125 poems from the quill of talented poet Vasudha Pansare. An endearing part of this anthology is the beautiful art work that the author’s granddaughter has contributed to the anthology. The same has been artfully inserted to elevate the impact of some beautiful poems in the book such as – village artists, my poetry blooms, my happy place, tribal life, etc. Such are the spills of emotions from the poet’s heart that even the prologue to the book has been written in verse form – //we will find thee of poet, where thy silence blossoms into songs…//

The poems are written in an easy to understand language and on topics that are commonplace but still arouse deep emotions. The poet writes about ‘autumn leaves’, ‘shooting starts’, ‘village artists’, ‘tribal life’ and other things with equal panache. In some poems she pays an ode to the nature, in others she eulogizes the efforts of humans that often go unnoticed. There are poems that pay homage to nature and its bounty and also some that are a tribute to those who work selflessly to save us such as doctors. 

The best part about the book is that it is not genre specific. Hence, as you read through the book, the 125 poems do not seem heavy on the emotional palette as they would have had the book been uni-generic on topics such as loss, grief, etc. But, with this book, you never know what to expect with the next verse. The poet masterfully takes you through a plethora of emotions that encompass all aspects of human nature – its virtues and its foils. 

The one thing that struck me about these verses is that they are the unvarnished truth. The poet has not glossed over any of the verses to make them appear more endearing. Instead she has let them stand stark against the others to leave a lasting imprint on the readers. That’s what makes this collection so thought-provoking. I usually pick a few poems from a volume of poetry and share those with my readers as my favourites. But, in this book I found that difficult. There are just too many beautiful gems here.

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