Myriad of Dreams

Myriad of Dreams

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Nisha has endeavoured to showcase an array of emotions through the compilation of her poems "Myriad of Dreams ". She has expressed and woven words with simplicity and beauty, which easily touch every aspect of the life of a common man. Her poems reflect poignant and heart-touching refreshment of reality and the book is based on a harmonious interplay of words and rhythm. Through her poems, Nisha has dexterously revealed the coexistence between celebrations and heartache.…

The cover picture is appealing, giving an added step to dive into the book. It is painted by the author itself. The book contains around 75 poems that deal with different topics. Every one of them is unique in its own way giving a soothing feel. The perspective of each and every poem surely gives a different thought to the reader to think about. In many places, the emotions are powerful that are conveyed perfectly to the reader.

I admire the style of the author; it is free-flowing verses where the words are chosen seem to be apt. The diversified topics are truly a bliss to read. And somewhere I do have the feeling of immersing myself into the lines; yeah they are deep.

Every poem starts with a beautiful quote and a picture as we proceed onto the lines. I do flip back the pages again to glance at the pictures even after reading the lines; they just blend well.

To name a few

A woman so divine – It captures the unseen emotions of a woman

Broken dreams – The pain is felt in every word

Dancing in the rain – Rain, itself can speak volumes in poetry and so is this one

Life in All its Hues – The colours, they are described the best and now when I hear a color, I am sure to relate it with the lines here

Nature’s muse – Just in love with nature

Pulwama to Balakot – The heaviness is felt throughout the lines, the sacrifices just stay more than words.

The last letter – The significance of letters and how many emotions they carried. They were not mere words, something powerful.

This one is always special and all the poems will stay close to my heart.


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