Not So Grave

Not So Grave

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Robinhood Singh is dead. Yet, he speaks, that too endlessly. He narrates the story of his family, who is coping with the loss of his sudden death. While commenting on the goings and comings, his judgemental side peeks out in certain places, and his jocular nature in all! Realizations come to him in small pockets and Robinhood (or Robu) is generous enough to share them with the reader. He is amused to learn the several…

Ghosts… the name sends a shiver down our spine. Isn’t it. But wait.. What if I say, you will end up loving a ghost for sure. Surprised? Read on “Not So Grave” by Dr. Aparna Salvi Nagda. Your queries would be answered sans any doubt. 

Let me start with the cover first. Well designed and apt for the storyline. Kudos to Jacob John for a wonderful work. 

The characters in the novella grab your attention from their first mention. Aparna, has neatly presented the characteristics of each character. 

Robinhood, Pushpakala and Beeji stole my heart from the beginning.

Beeji, the strongest woman in a traditional set up leaves the reader in awe with her unconventional, yes ‘UNCONVENTIONAL’ decisions. Her one liners and sarcastic jibes at Balwant and Ranjt leaves us in splits. Not to mention the way she supports her daughter in law. 

Pushpakala, the heroine of the novella, is torn between two states and two cultures. She is modern, yet traditional and with a strong Beeji with her, she breaks every norm. 

Robinhood, who take us through this journey is a happy-go-lucky person and a hardcore Punjabi at heart, even though he doesn’t look like one. 

Overall, I had my good share of laughter and was awestruck seeing the camaraderie between Beeji and Pushpakala. Not to mention the waft of chole kulcha, rasam that travels throughout. This novella is a breezy and a must read too. 



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